Why the Heavy Industry Loves Clad Steel Plates?

14 March 18

But first things first…

What is clad steel plate?

Clad steel plate or simply clad plate, is a composite of two or more metals and/or alloys, bonded onto a steel plate. Typical materials used for cladding are nickel, copper, titanium, stainless steel, copper-nickel alloys and high nickel allloys. This way you get a product that contains all the good characteristics of each of its constituent metal, hence resulting in a superior performing solution.

Why the heavy industry loves it?

Whenever designers face any problem, especially in heavy industry projects such as chemical process designs and construction assignments, clad steel plate is often sought as the go-to solution.

Do you need a high performing corrosion-resistant steel? Are you looking for a metal that offers excellent strength all the while being affordable?

You’ll find clad steel plate touted as the answer to everything – well almost everything.
And why is this so?

Because of the unique property set of these clad plates…

Properties of Clad Steel Plates

Clad steel plates have following properties:

1.They have high tensile strength.
2.They are light weight.
3.They offer excellent electric and thermal conductivity. In fact, they are better conductors of heat and electricity than standard corrosion-resistant alloys.
4.3They offer high protection against corrosion and rust.
5.They tend to perform well in abrasive conditions.
6.They can be easily fabricated into different shapes.

A clad steel plate offers all this while being a budget convenient solution—they cost significantly less than a full-alloy product.

How a clad plate is produced?

While there are different production methods employed to manufacture clad plates, hot roll bonding is widely used across various commercial settings. It is also known as the heat and pressure process.

In a hot roll bonding process, the cladding materials are first cleaned, and then placed in a sandwich configuration with the backing material. The arrangement is then heated to the plastic range and pressed together with the help of rollers. This results in a product that is integrally bonded at surface interface. It is then cut to size and polished to give a smooth, bright surface finish.

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