Our Mill’s 2030mm Width Cold Rolled Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Production Lines

09 May 18

Our mill newly set up the world newest cold rolled steel coil 2030 width production lines for galvanized steels which targeted for application of high-end auto steel and high-end appliance steels.

This newly set up cold rolled hot dipped galvanized steel coils production line volume is 4000,000 tons annually. Size: 0.3-2.5mm; Width: 900-1880mm; Max. Tensile: 780Mpa. This newly hot dipped galvanized steel coils is designed for the high-end auto steels and high-end appliance steels application.

The production line is designed by German SMS-Group. Mainly top equipment as following, Japan TEMI Narrow Lap Welder; Belgium DREVER Vertical Annealing Furnace; German FOEN Air Blade; German EMG Full Range Corrective Device.

The advanced pre-oxidation technology, furnace-type radar correction, and high-hydrogen flash cooling technology have all been successfully implemented, providing a reliable guarantee for the quality of galvanized steels.

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