How to Make Sure the Steel You Are Buying is Galvanized?

14 March 18

A question out of the ordinary…

Recently, one of our Sinowell Metal staff received a query from someone in the HVAC industry, wanting to market their products as galvanized steel constructions. As he explained, his company recently started outsourcing some of these HVAC products from an original equipment manufacturer. When inquired, the other company would tell him that the parts are indeed made from galvanized steel but he wanted to confirm it. He had some doubts.

If you also deal in the purchases and supply of galvanized steel products, resourcing your raw material from another trading company, you might have the same question. After all, you would not the supplier to take you for a ride: sell you an ordinary steel product at the price of galvanized steel

Don’t worry, we can help you out with it.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first

Many people think that placing a magnet on a galvanized steel product can help determine if the product is galvanized or not.

It is coated with zinc. Zinc is a metal. Every metal gets attracted to a magnet. The test should work.

That’s not true. Not every metal is attracted to magnet and zinc is one such example.
What should you do then?

Inspect it closely

You can tell the difference between non-galvanized and galvanized steel just by looking at them.

1. A galvanized steel will always appear a bit dull; non-galvanized steel has a shiny appearance.
2. The surface texture of a galvanized steel product is flakey. It seems as if it has ripples. If you will look at it more closely, you will find it grainy.
3. And then, a galvanized steel will always appear to be thicker than non-galvanized steel.

Yes, a trained eye would be able to tell the difference much more accurately but even you can make note of the above observations if you inspect the product closely.
Still not sure?

Well, then here is another tip. This one will definitely help you in accurate identification.

A galvanized steel product – The real test!

Take the product to a nearby testing laboratory. If you are yet to place your order, then it’s even better – ask your supplier for a sample.

Once you are there at the laboratory, request for an electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) testing of your product/sample. The testing modality shows molecular content of a material by displaying it on an oscilloscope. If your steel product is galvanized, the test results would indicate the presence of high zinc content.

And there you have it, a verified galvanized steel product, which you can now use for your application.

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