From Silver to Color Finish – The Story of Pre-Painted Steel Coils

14 March 18

In our previous post, we took you on a virtual visit to our factory floor where we witnessed the spectacular drama that is steel coil making, and saw the transformation of chunky taconite rocks into rolled, silver colored steel coils.

So it only makes sense to continue from where we left off and explore the steel making facility further.

Today, we will learn how silver colored steel coils are processed into pre-painted steel coils, that which we find used so extensively in architectural marvels and beautiful consumer products around us.

With your permission, let’s re-open the doors to the factory floor…

Hello, Old Friend!

On the Coil Line, Mounted on the Uncoilers

The rolled steel coils are lifted off and transported to the coil line assembly through cranes, especially designed for the purpose.

Here’s the coil line assembly:

One by one, steel coils are mounted onto the uncoiler, where they are unrolled into steel sheets.
The unrolled steel sheets then pass through the accumulator to ensure the laid-out steel sheets are wrinkle free before the actual processing can start.

Out There, in the Bath Tub!

After the coils are unrolled, they’re then lowered into a bath tub (not literally) where they’re thoroughly cleaned. It’s important that steel sheets are extensively cleaned as this helps to achieve good adhesion with paint, which we will apply later.

Once cleaned, a thin film of chemical is applied over the washed-out sheets. This chemical promotes paint adhesion during subsequent paint application process and improve the sheet’s corrosion resistance.

This completes our pretreatment stage and the steel sheets are now ready for primer coating.

Along the Coil Line, Through the Coater

Before applying paint, a primer coating is brushed onto both the surfaces of a steel sheet. This coating provides added protection to the pre-painted steel coil and further strengthens the bond between paint and the steel surface. The coat is basically an arrangement of rubber covered metering rolls.

The steel sheet which is now coated with primer, is then passed through a curing oven to harden the primer layer.

Ready for Painting

No, we don’t use a paint brush to paint steel sheets (we’re just too lazy for that), instead, we rely on automated rollers to do the job. These rollers are fed the information about how much thickness to maintain and they obediently follow our instructions. They uniformly paint the steel sheets.

The painted steel sheets are now cured finish in ovens and are subsequently water quenched to make them hard and strong.

Finally passing through the exit roller, the pre-painted steel sheets enter the recoiler where they get rolled into pre-painted steel coils.

Silver colored steel coil—reborn!

And it’s now ready to be shipped to customers, where it will get fabricated into beautiful and flawless end-products made by you.

Lights off, factory floor doors closed!
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