Cold Rolled Steel Full Hard

18 April 18

Sinowell Metal supplies cold rolled steel full hard grade for application of continuously hot dipped galvanized steel coils. The following is our industrial specification as JISG3141 SPCC-1B.

1. Thickness: As per indent, tolerance is +/-0.010mm
2. Width: 900-1250mm,
3. Coil ID: 508mm
4. Rust: N/A
5. Coolant Patches: N/A
6. Scale Holes: N/A
7. Slivers: N/A
8. Roll Mark: N/A
9. Scratches: N/A
10. Edge Cut: N/A
11. Rust Edge: N/A
12. Roughness: Bright Finish, 0.2 Min, 0.5 Max Micron Na
13. Flatness: Free from ridge/hump/wavy/bucklin, 1%, Steepness Ratio
14. Strip Cambor: as per standard, 0.20%
15. Surface Oil:﹤250 Mg/M Square
16. Iron Fines: ﹤50 Mg/ M Square
17. Winding: Zero/Plane
18. Package: Export Package
19. Saw Edge: N/A
20. Off Edge/HR Leader end in ID: N/A
21. End Use: Suitable for continuous hot dip galvanzing
22. MTC Requirements: MTC should show chemistry (C, Mn, Si, S, P, Al and N), Coil No., Size, weight, grade, customer & suppliers name, TDC No. ect.
23. Surface appearance: (1.) Surface should be free from defects (such as rolled in scale, silver, holes, soft); (2.) Must be free from any rust and coolant patches.
24. Chemical Composition (%): C 0.020-0.05; Mn 0.20-0.30; P 0.02 Max.; S 0.025 Max.; Si 0.03 Max.; Al 0.07 Max.; Cu+Ni+Cr 0.15% Max.

Remarks: Edge has to be trimmed or mill edge and free from edge burr, saw edge and edge cut.

Any more information for our CRFH steel coils, please contact us as following,

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