Chinese Steel’s Weekly Export Price: The production of Chinese steel is influenced by environmental protection measures in the off-season while Tangshan’s export is rolled back.

08 June 18

Hot Rolled Steel Coil SS400, FOB China $605

Rebars B500B, FOB China $538

Cold Rolled Steel Coil SPCC, FOB China $645

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil SGCC, FOB China $695

Wire Rod SAE1008, FOB China $570

Hot Rolled Steel Plate A36, FOB China $620

H Beam Q235, FOB  China $615

Square Bars Q235, FOB China $531

Noted that Price is Based as the Following Thickness and Size

Hot Rolled Steel Coil: Thickness 3mm, Width: 1250-1500mm

Rebars: 12-16mm, theoretically weight, small minutes tolerance

Cold Rolled Steel Coil: Thikncess 1mm, 1000-1250mm

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil: Thickness 1mm, Width 1000-1250mm, Z120g, Zero Spangle

Wire Rods: 6.5mm

Hot Rolled Steel Plate: 14-20mm, Width>2700mm

H Beams: 200*200, theoretically weight, small minutes tolerance

Square Bars: 150*150mm


Market Report

Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Influenced by the rising export quotation by steel mills, the shrinking resource supply, environmental protection inspections and other factors,  this week the export price of Chinese hot rolled steel coil continued to rise.  However owing to the off-season, obvious price advantages of other countries’ resources, customers’ weaker mood because of the rising price, the trading volume of Chinese hot rolled steel coil deal was limited. This week the steel coil quotation of mainstream steel mills was 605-610 dollars FOB while the transaction price was about 600 dollars FOB. Most merchants couldn’t accept the price higher than 590 dollars FOB.  This week the quotation of Chinese base materials for cold rolling was above 615 dollars FOB. Some merchants made short quotation between 615 dollars CFR and 620 dollars CFR in Vietnam, but it was still higher than Indian resource quotation, 610 dollars CFR. Indian transaction price of thin materials was about 605 dollars CFR in Vietnam. The supply of hot rolled steel coils will be affected by recent increasing environmental protection inspections and steel mills’ centralized maintenance. It is estimated that the price is less likely to weaken in  the later period.


Spurred by the good news of environmental protection and production reduction, rebars’ domestic trade price went up this week and the export quotation rose by 5 to 10 dollars FOB to 550 dollars FOB.  Accordingly the export price also rose. However, overseas customers fellow up slowly. Qatari resources, whose quotation was 545 dollars CFR in Singapore, still had a price advantage. A few customers’ intention rose slightly to 525 dollars FOB by adjustment. However, mills had no intention of concluding a transaction at this price. The strong domestic price means that rebars export still had no advantage in a short time.

Cold Rolled Steel Coils

This week the quotation mainstream zone of SPCC cold rolled steel coils  in Chinese steel mills was 640-650 dollars FOB, higher 5-10 dollars than last week. However, the bargaining space was reduced. Because the price remained elevated, export was faced with a difficult situation.  According to market participants, some steel mills made bargains between 640 dollars FOB and 645 dollars FOB. The environmental protection issue was taken seriously recently, market  sentiment in the short term was strengthened and the domestic trade price rose, so the export price would maintain high up.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

This week the quotation of hot dipped galvanized steel coils in Chinese steel mills was very few. Only a few steel mills quoted for zero-pattern galvanization of SGCC 1.0 mmZ120 between 698 dollars FOB and 705 dollars FOB. The price rosy by about 10 dollars, higher than last week’s bottom price. Most overseas buyers couldn’t accept resources above 690 dollars FOB  so that it was difficult to clinch a deal. Some merchants said that Canadian customers were interested in inquiry if the price was about 700 dollars FOB, however steel mills’ quotation for this area was 730 dollars FOB, which was far beyond customers’ acceptable range. Although the off-season of galvanization downstream market draws near, the price in the short term is likely to be supported owing to the recent  overhaul of steel mills.

Hot Rolled Steel Plates

Because of strong domestic demand, the price index of hot rolled steel plates rose slightly this week.

Some steel mills exported hot rolled steel plates to Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines at the base price of 625 dollars FOB while some signed  contracts with Vietnamese customers at the base price of 630 dollars FOB. The counteroffer of South America’s customers was 620 dollars FOB while Korean counteroffer was between 615 dollars FOB and 620 dollars FOB. This week the mainstream quotation was between 625 dollars and 630 dollars higher 5 dollars than last week. On account of production reduction caused by overhauls and the hot domestic trade, there were few export quotations of steel mills. A majority of market participants were optimistic about hot rolled steel plates’ after-market, and it was estimated that the price in the short term would remain above 625 dollars.

H Beams

Thanks to good domestic trade demand, the price index of Chinese H beams rose this week.

This week fewer steel mills quoted. The small-sized H beams of Japan Standard quotation was between 600 dollars FOB and 640 dollars FOB by adjustments higher than the quotation of last week. It was between 600 dollars and 620 dollars. Some steel mills said that overseas customers had no interest in purchasing because foreign trade resources were few and the price of Chinese H beams were high. Furthermore, it is expected to influence the supply of H beams and support the price of after-market owing to a new round of environmental protection measures and inspection arrangements of main H beam mills to be implemented in August or September. This week the factory price of Posco Vietnam remained unchanged.


Wire Rods

Affected by the customs investigation of Tangshan’s scrap smuggling export, factories of non-alloy wire rods basically stopped quoting in this mid-late week while mainstream alloy factories quoted between 580 dollars FOB to 590 dollars FOB, increasing by between 10 dollars. At the same time, some merchants picked up goods for 580 dollars FOB. Overseas customers intended to quote for 550 dollars FOB at the beginning of the week. However, they turned to watch later.

Square Beams

Because the central government dispatched environmental monitoring groups to recheck restructuring in different provinces and cities once again, the news of limited, suspended production and maintenance pushed the price of domestic trade steel billets. Export resources of square billets stopped to quote due to the negative effects of the customs investigation of Tangshan’s scrap smuggling export, and a reference quote was between 555 dollars FOB and 565 dollars FOB. Philippines market intended to make the price between 550 dollars CFR and 560 dollars CFR. Iran resource quoted for 530 dollars CFR in Indonesia, Russia resources quoted for 500 dollars FOB and Vietnam resources quoted between 535 and 540 dollars FOB.

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