China’s weekly steel export prices – the export market continues to oscillate, off season of the domestic trade is coming

01 June 18

Hot Rolled Steel Coil SS400, FOB China $586

Rebars B500B, FOB China $533

Cold Rolled Steel Coil SPCC, FOB China $640

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil SGCC, FOB China $690

Wire Rod SAE1008, FOB China $565

Hot Rolled Steel Plate A36, FOB China $620

H Beam Q235, FOB  China $612

Square Bars Q235, FOB China $530

Noted that Price is Based as the Following Thickness and Size

Hot Rolled Steel Coil: Thickness 3mm, Width: 1250-1500mm

Rebars: 12-16mm, theoretically weight, small minutes tolerance

Cold Rolled Steel Coil: Thikncess 1mm, 1000-1250mm

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil: Thickness 1mm, Width 1000-1250mm, Z120g, Zero Spangle

Wire Rods: 6.5mm

Hot Rolled Steel Plate: 14-20mm, Width>2700mm

H Beams: 200*200, theoretically weight, small minutes tolerance

Square Bars: 150*150mm


Market Report

Hot Rolled Steel Coil: Export prices of Hot Rolled Steel Coil in China this week rose slightly from last week. But this is mainly driven by the sentiments of domestic trade and futures. As other countries have obvious advantages in resource prices, buyers are currently lacking interest in hot rolled steel coils in China. Only individual steel mills reflected a small amount of ordinary steel coils around $595 FOB. In addition, there are thousands of tons of tube stocks traded at $603 CFR Vietnam. Recently, some of the Shandong steel mills have restricted production due to the Summit’s environmental protection, and several major steel mills have focused on overhauling the hot rolling production line in June. It is expected that the supply will be tight in the late period and the downward pressure on prices will not be significant.

Rebars: The prices of Rebars’ exports remained stable this week, with thin trading. The range of factory export prices went down to $530-550 FOB adjustment.In Hong Kong last week, shipments resources during the second half year were actually at a level of $530 CFR. Singapore has a trading September schedule of $545 CFR adjusted.Turkish resources are still available for $550 CFR Singapore. The intention transaction price in Singapore is below $540 CFR.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil:Exports of Cold Rolled Steel Coil in China this week improved, and prices has rebounded slightly. The prices quoted by major steel mills SPCC Cold Rolled Steel Coil were generally flat at $640 FOB for thickness of 1mm. The main markets are still Southeast Asia, South America and other places. Since the profits of the cold system are lower than those of the hot products, the enthusiasm of most steel mills for cold rolling production has decreased. Several steel mills have stopped export quotation from Cold Rolled Steel Coil, which has caused tight export resources. This week, the strength of the hot-lines has driven the market mentality.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil’s export prices have steadily increased this week. The transaction has improved since last week. However, some traders indicated that the majority of transactions were closed in the previous period, and back-to-back transactions were still difficult. The quotations from mainstream steelmaker SGCC 1.0mm Z120 and Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil were concentrated at $683-705 FOB, which was basically the same as last week. There are no northern steel mills trading Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil $690-700 FOB or more. Export destinations are still Southeast Asia and South America, but most traders feedback overseas customers still find it difficult to accept prices above $690-695 FOB. The flowered Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil was sold at $690 FOB this week. Domestic environmental inspections will affect some galvanized supplies, but the downstream industry is about to enter the off-season and the overall demand is not optimistic.

Hot Rolled Steel Plate: China’s Hot Rolled Steel Plate exports traded lightly this week, and the price index fell slightly, but most market players still have confidence in the market outlook. This week only a steel mill exports to the Philippines and South America at base prices of $615 and $620 FOB. The remaining steel mills still focus on the domestic market. The mainstream offer is $615-620 FOB, basically the same as last week. Compared with overseas steel mills, the current delivery date of Chinese steel mills is still relatively long, indicating that orders are full. In addition, it is expected that customers in overseas markets such as Vietnam and Muslim countries will return to the market one after another and are expected to promote export transactions.

H Beams: China’s export of H-beam exports was weak and the price index fell slightly. Mainstream offers this week were at $600-620 FOB, down from $605-630 last week. Some steel mills maintain their weekly prices, but some steel mills are still optimistic about the market outlook– A certain North China steel mill continued to raise prices, and its intentional export quotation rose from $630 at the beginning of the week to $650. Domestic trade is not booming, and traders said that the rainy season is approaching and customers will have little willingness to sell goods. Pohang Vietnam raised its price by $13 this week. The current ex-factory price is $691-725. The discounted price of the store is $640-675.

Wire Rods: Domestic prices strengthened this week, and the factory prices of mainstream alloy wire rods were lower due to higher initial quotations, but they decreased slightly by $5-10 to $570-580 FOB. The non-alloy quotes fluctuate slightly and remain stable at $560-565 FOB over the last week. Rare overseas buying, some customers are still hovering at $550-555 FOB. A small deal went to Vietnam and Pakistan at around $555 FOB.

Square Beams: Domestic billet prices have risen steadily this week, and export offers have increased by around $10 from the previous quarter to $535-540 FOB on Thursday. The inventory of domestic billet decreased significantly, and the domestic trade price was effectively supported. In the absence of attractive prices in overseas markets, the export power of factories has been significantly reduced. In Southeast Asia, some buyers in the major markets have an intention of less than $515 FOB this week, and the gap between domestic quotations is further widened.

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