What is Roll Bonded Clad Plate

16 March 18

What is roll bonded clad plate

Rolled bonded composite steel plate is made of carbon structural steel plate, low alloy high strength structural steel plate or high strength quenched and tempered steel plate, vessel steel plate, and pipeline steel plate as substrate metal, using rolled cladding technology to combine with stainless steel, special steels at metal structural organization level to get new plates. It could be single or double sides cladding with each other for this two different kind of steels. The clad plate has the complex characteristics of base metals and cladding metals.

Advantages of roll bonded clad plate

1. More cost-effictive
2. Through the combination of property can reduce the thickness of the steel materials to deduct material weight.
3. Reduce the cost of weld metal.
4. Reduce the amount of welding.
5. Compared with austenitic stainless steel, the thermal conductivity is better

Roll bonded clad plate series that we can supply

1. Corrosion-resistant series

Carbon steel single side + Austenitic stainless steel/Nickel Base Alloys/Ferritic stainless steel/Super austenitic stainless steel; Carbon steel + Two sides corrosive resistant stainless steel.

2. Wear-resistant series

Carbon steel single side + Middle/High-grade wear-resistant steel and High manganese steel.

3. Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant series

Carbon steel single side + duplex stainless steel/Martensitic stainless steel

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