Sinowell Metal–Our Hot Rolled Steel Plate Mill of Wuyang Steel’s 300mm Thick Steel Plate Roller Quenching Heat Load Test Sucessfully

16 March 18

Designed by Northeastern University, the world’s first-class large section 300mm thick steel plate roller quenching equipment in Wugang steel disposable heat load test have been successfully, November 4, 2017. This indicates that China already has the capability of high strength, high uniformity and high flatness quenching of super-thick high-strength steel plate, filling the international gap.

At present, the domestic and international special steel plate above 200mm immersion sink quenching, cooling speed, poor cooling uniformity, shape and so can not meet the demand. After years of theoretical research and industrial verification, Northeastern University in the super-thick surface of the steel plate highly efficient controllable heat transfer, temperature gradient control section, high-speed ratio of high-precision roller speed control, anti-impact heavy roller table, the rapid removal of residual water, steel surface oxide removal and many other breakthroughs Equipment bottlenecks, achieves the thickest 300mm, 40 ~ 50 tons of large cross-section thick high-strength steel uniform quenching, quenching time compared with the traditional immersion nearly doubled, after quenching plate shape, the surface quality improved significantly.

Related results will further enhance the ours thick plate heat treatment equipment and technical level, and promote product structure upgrade; the same time, China’s high-quality thick plate heat treatment line construction provides a model for large single, large section, special purpose thick plate heat treatment product development And application of laying the foundation of equipment and technology.

Welcome our clients inquiry us on the big thickness of 100-300mm hot rolled carbon steel plate. We can supply world class quality on these big and large thickness hot rolled steel plates.

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