Q960 E / S960 QL Ultra-High Strength Steel Plate

16 March 18

Today we introduce our Q960 E Ultra High Strength Steel Plate which is equivalent of EN 10025-6 S960QL grade steel plate. And it is produced by quenched and tempered.

Q960E/S960QL steel plate belongs to the engineering machinery steel, the yield strength requirements ≥ 960Mpa, tensile strength requirements ≥ 1000Mpa, -40 ℃ longitudinal impact requirements ≥ 34J, which is the highest impact toughness steel plate in the market.

The steel is mainly used in the bottom of the trolley, excavator digging arm, coal mine hydraulic support and other high-strength bearing parts, the steel directly determines the performance of the mechanical equipment life. At present, only a few steel mills can be stabilized to produce this ultra-strength steel plate.

The difficulty of the production of steel plate is hardenability and the plate shape control. Where hardenability can directly determine the strength of the standard, and if get a good shape of the steel plate. We can ensure that the uniform performance of the whole steel plate after quenching.

We can supply these Q960 E / S960 QL high strength steel plate with EN 10025-6 specifications. Thickness range: 10-60mm.

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