Our Hot Rolled Mill Installed 5000mm Width Wide-Heavy Steel Plate Melting and Production Line from SMS SIEMAG.

16 March 18

Our sales agreement mill for Hot Rolled Steel Plate Minmetal Yingkou Heavy Steel Plate installs 5000mm width Wide-Heavy Steel Plate melting and production line from German SMS SIEMAG. This World Top Hot Rolled Steel Plate melting and production and cutting line can produce maximum width 4500mm with world top quality level. This line adopts world top Technological Milling Controling Process, Steel Plate Automatic Width Controlling System, Steel Sheet Short Stroke Controlling System, Multi-Functional Thickness Controlling System for hot rolling process, Plane Shape Gauge Controlling System, Hot Rolling Steel Plate Longitudial Profies, On-line Ultra-sonic Detection System and Cooling System, etc.

We offers Common Carbon Steel Plate, Carbon Structural Steel Sheet, Supper Carbon Structural Steel Plate, Building and Bridge Steel Plate, Pressure Vessel Steel Plate, Shipbuilding Steel Plates, Alloy Pressure Vessel Steel Plate, Low Temperature Pressure Vessel Steel Plate, Pipeline Steel Plates, Tool and Die Steel Plate, Atmospheric Corrosion Resisting Steel Plate, Alloy Structural Steel Sheet, Wear Resisting Steel Plates with width 1800mm-4500mm and thickness of 6mm-150mm.

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