Cold Rolled Coils & Galvanized Coils Packaging

16 March 18

We Sinowell Metal one of China leading galvanized coils supplier and manufacturer and distributor using the top quality packages condition for our galvanized coils.

Cold rolled Steel Coils, galvalume steel coils and galvanized steel coils are our main coils products. Coil products are generally packaged without supporting blocks for easier loading. First the cylindrical coil with a hollow center is wrapped with waterproof paper and corrosion resistant polyethylene resin. Metal protectors are then attached to the coil’s exterior, interior, and two ends, then the coil is wrapped with two metal bands, and another four metal bands are wrapped across the width of the coil to complete the process.

Sheet products are packed in pellets that generally weigh 3 tons. A single pallet is covered with waterproof paper after undergoing inspection, then followed by wrapping protectors in the corners and sides. The whole pallet is secured with supporting blocks and fastened with a metallic band to complete the packing process.

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