Cold Forming Automobile Steel Sheets

16 March 18

Car body structure of lightweight, high-strength, and reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and improve occupant safety is the main direction of development of the automotive industry. To achieve this goal, the use of thin gauge ultra-high-strength steel is the best solution.

Our engineers, on the basis of comprehensively dissecting the body parts of the material, analyzing the deformation characteristics and welding characteristics, carry out pilot research and development, focusing on the problem of ductility deterioration under ultra-high strength, through the fine design of the target microstructure, alloy system development, and rolling annealing process development. R & D materials, the actual yield strength, and tensile strength reached 1000MPa and 1300MPa, the automatic control of equipment and the operator’s experience level has a very tight request. Engineers further optimize the furnace temperature control model, on the strip cleanliness, furnace atmosphere and other key aspects of in-depth control. After repeated test research, continuous optimization and improvement of processes, effectively ensure the product performance, shape accuracy, surface finish and so on.

HC820/1180DP, the cold forming automobile steel sheet with the highest strength was successfully produced by our steel mill of Shougang, marking the mill to be one of the few suppliers of ultra high strength automobile steel sheet with strength exceeding KMPa.

The demand for ultra high strength auto sheet with good formability is increasing year by year in China domestic automobile industry, but the sheet with 1000MPa and above still needs to be imported.

Since this year, our mill Shougang’s high strength auto sheet research team, led by Dr. Kuang Shuang, chief expert, has developed a new HC820/1180DP dual phase steel, with orders from the joint ventures set up by world famous auto enterprises in China. Shougang’s goal is to substitute self-developed sheets for the European imports. The actual yield strength and tensile strength of experiment material can reach 1000MPa and 1300MPa respectively.

The technicians have further optimized the temperature control model, sheet cleanliness and furnace atmosphere, effectively ensuring the sheet’s performance, shape precision and surface finish. The successful development of HC820/1180DP has laid a solid foundation for Shougang to improve branding of its ultra high strength auto sheet.

In 2016, our mill’s cold-rolling steel plate made a total of 1,396,000 tons of automobile plates in the year, realizing full coverage and formal supply of high and low yield strength grades of 980MPa grade dual-phase galvanized steel, and expanded the ultimate specification products.

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