Clad Plate Manufacturing Process

16 March 18

We Sinowell Metal is one of China leading Clad Steel Plate Supplier from China mainland market with industrial most advanced equiment by Hot Rolled Bonded & Combined technology. Here we introduce the 3 different technology for clad plate manufacturing process,

There have 3 technology way of clad plate manufacturing process,

1. Roll Bonded
2. Explosive Bond
3. Weld Overlay

Roll Bonded Clad Plate Manufacturing Process is to take different metal layers and uses the hot rolling process to bond the base metal and clad steel materials together metallurgically. This gives the clad plate same advanteges that the single solid alloy plate has. And this rolled bonding manufacturing process make the maximum combination of the mechanical properites for base metal and cladding materials corrosion resistance. This roll bonded manufacturing process also make more savings comparing with to use the single clading plates.

Explosive Bonded Clad Plate Manufacturing process is to use the explosive way to make the base metal and cladding materials get to bonded together and keep the cladding materials good corrosion resistance there. And this explosive bonded is a cold process, and bond strength is the most strong. And there have no limitation for the base metal’s thickness request. And explosion bonding can make muti-lyers for clad composition.

Weld Overlay Clad Plate Manufaturing Process is offers protections for tubes, valves and flangles and special fabrications for application in harsh environments. Weld Overlay clad technology gives a long lief and high stable and reliable corrosion resistance for clads.

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