China Steel Market Price of This Week 21th, December, 2017

14 March 18

HRC, SS400, FOB China $577
Rebars, B500B, FOB China $569
CRC, SPCC, FOB China $615
HDG, SGCC, FOB China $675
Wire Rod, SAE 1008, FOB China $600
Hot Rolled Steel Plate, A36, FOB China $585
H Beams, Q235, FOB China $605
Square Bars, Q235, FOB China $523


HRC: Thickness 3mm, Width 1250-1500mm
Rebars: 12-16mm, actual weight
CRC: Thickness 1mm, Width 1000-1250mm
HDG: Thickness 1mm, Width 1000-1250mm, Z120g, Zero Spangle
Wire Rod: 6.5mm
HRP: Thickness 12-20mm, Width>2700mm
H Beams: 200*200mm, theoretical weight
Square Bars: 150*150mm

Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Most steel mills in China maintained their export quotations for hot rolled coils this week with the mainstream at $ 585-605 FOB. However, some mills lowered their prices for pre-commission orders at the transaction range of $ 570-580 FOB with the main directions being South Korea, Southeast Asia and Pakistan. Hot-rolled cutting sheets are quoted at $ 585-595 FOB and traded at around $ 580 FOB to the Latin America. China’s hot rolled steel coils for cold rolled coils offer is more than $ 590 CFR CIF Vietnam, while Indian sources have traders quoting as low as $ 570 CFR.


Despite the drop in domestic spot prices in China, the factory has a strong willingness to maintain the price. The export quotation is only slightly adjusted for some higher-priced factories. The quotation range is $ 630-640 FOB China with actural weight. India Resources quoted $ 565 CFR or so to Hong Kong, but as Christmas is approaching, overseas buyers leave one after another, rarely deal.

Cold Rolled Steel Coils

Cold rolled coil prices remained stable this week, but the turnover remained light. Some mills raised export quotations at $ 625-640 FOB China while traders quoted more at around $ 620 FOB China. However, the price increase did not drive the enthusiasm of customers purchasing, there are steel prices secretly to decrease the price to get orders. This week there are $ 615-620 FOB transactions, large steel mill may accept $ 610 FOB China. Overseas customers have gradually entered the state of holidays, the transaction expected the next week is more light, the price will not be sharp fluctuations.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

This week, the price of hot-dip galvanized steel coils is steady but some of weakness, the transaction is ok. In addition to a northeast steel mills to raise prices, the export quotations of other mills to maintain last week’s level. Currently Z120 zero spangle galvanized steel coils price is range of $ 680-710 FOB China this week. To Southeast Asia and South America have traded with $ 670-675 FOB, which is slightly weaker than last week. Some steelmakers and traders are worried that the price has peaked, but export prices are expected to be consolidated at a high level due to limited production in winter and high domestic prices. There just have a small probability for big drop in price.

Hot Rolled Steel Plates

Due to the price increase and the lack of export intention from mills of northeast China, the export price of hot rolled steel plate is still up slightly despite the light export this week. Some steel mills exported hundreds of tons of shipbuilding plates to the Middle East at a base price of $ 590 FOB while Vietnamese clients open bids at $ 560-570 FOB China. Price mainly in the $ 580-595 FOB China. North China steel mills return back to the export market, but the price remained high. Despite this week’s slight price declines and end-of-year holidays, the market is generally expected to see a small drop in the outlook due to the limited winter production in China.

H Beams

China’s domestic trade prices continued to pull up and started to decline. Export prices of H Beams down slightly this week. The prices of mainstream steel mills are still scarce. The quotation or intention is quoted at $ 600-620 FOB China, down from last week’s $ 600-630. Due to limited production or overhaul, there are few export quotations for steel mills in North China. Some steel mills in East China offer $ 610 and those with intention to sell at $ 600.

Wire Rods

Although the main steel mill this week continued to raise its offer to $620-640 FOB China, but the actual order was not good. Philippines order China domestic resources at $605-610 CFR turnover. It is expected to slow down due to Christmas holidays next week. The market is short March shipment quoted at $ 605 CFR.

Square Bars

As Chinese domestic billet prices fell, China’s steel export reference price fell $ 15 to $ 545 FOB China. However, suppliers from third countries are still raising their quotations one after another in the past few weeks due to the price rise in China. Thailand Resources offer $ 535 CFR Philippines, estimated transaction price of $ 520-525 CFR Philippine. Iran Billet Reference Price rose $10 to $530 CFR China.

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