China High Manganese High Toughness Steel Plate for Offshore Platform Research and Development Made Substantial Progress

16 March 18

Recently, by the China Northeastern University RAL State Key Laboratory, Professor Du Linxiu as the person in charge of the national 863 plan major issue “offshore platform with high manganese high toughness steel plate and titanium/steel composite panel research and production technology development” made remarkable progress.

The project has made significant breakthroughs in the high-manganese steel plate smelting continuous casting, the organization uniformity control, and the thermal processing technology as well as the supporting forming technology. It is successively in the Nanjing Steel and Anshan Steel steel plate production line to complete the yield strength 690MPa grade 30mm ~ 100mm a variety of thickness specifications of high manganese steel plate industrial trial production, steel plate mechanical performance to Q690F level, surface quality, and internal quality are premium.

Steel Plate​​

In the high manganese steel smelting – continuous casting, solves the high manganese alloy and manganese high vacuum gasification of the technical problems, to achieve precise control of steel components and high cleanliness of steel production. It developed an integrated low super-heat casting, secondary ultra-weak cooling, final electromagnetic stirring, and high manganese steel casting offshore platform technology in dynamic soft reduction, to achieve a stable production of the high-quality slab. In the organization of uniformity control and thermal processing technology, innovative use of continuous casting billet heat, high temperature finish rolling and direct quenching and tempering technology to shorten the high toughness of the steel plate process, significantly reducing production costs.

The mild steel plate is obtained by the sub micron scale of the tempered martensite + reverse transformation austenite composite lamellar structure with the overall thickness to achieve a good match for high strength, high toughness, and high elongation. And yield ratio control, welding performance, and cold bending performance are premium.


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