Carbon Steel Plate

16 March 18

Carbon Steel Plate is the steel plate with carbon steel materials non-stainless steel grade by hot rolling tehnology.

Carbon steel is specially meaning for the steel contains carbon and iron. And several other elements like Mn, Si, Cu with small quantity that could not affect this steel’s properties.

There are four type carbon steel plate,

1. Low carbon steel plate, carbon content is 0.05%-0.25% and up to 0.4% Mn content. This is also called mild steel plate, which is a low cost steel plate materials and more easier to shape. The common grade of low carbon steel plate are A36, SS400, S235JR grades.

2. Medium carbon steel plate, which carbon contents are 0.29%-0.54%, and with 0.30%-0.90% manganese content. And this medium carbon steel plate is ductile and strong, with long-wearing properties. And AISI1045 grade is the typical medium carbon steel.

3. High Carbon Steel Plate, which gets contents of carbon with range of 0.55%-0.95%, and with 0.30%-0.90% manganese, it is very strong with high tensile strength and heat treatable. And ASTM A510 and ASTM A682 is the typical grade for high carbon steel plate.

4. Very High Carbon Steel Plate, which is carbon content of 0.96%-2.1%, this high carbon steel plate is extremely hard and due to it’s brittleness, it need to be speical handed. The typical grade is C60 for knife material.

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