Get Rid of Your In-House Paint Shop and Embrace Prepainted Steel

05 November 18

Many industries use prepainted galvanized steel for their end products. Industries like agriculture, automobiles, HVAC, construction and others have benefitted from prepainted steel’s many advantages.

One primary advantage of using prepainted galvanized steel for manufacturing is, it allows companies to save on costs, time and the hassles caused by in-house paint operations.

Painted steel comes available in both prepainted and post painted configurations. For the latter, companies set up an in-house paint shop, where the purchased stock is cleaned, dried and processed for painting. This setup requires investment in form of procuring paint shop materials, hiring labor, dispatching scrap, maintaining shop inventory and establishing EPA and OSHA compliance.

It requires huge investment and effort!

Imagine reducing all these expenses, costs and hassles and directing your capital and efforts towards expanding and improving your business.

And that’s exactly what embracing prepainted steel in your manufacturing operations helps accomplish.

You don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining an in-house paint shop. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of hiring, training and retaining paint labor. You don’t have to feel terrified over a surprise visit of an EPA or OSHA auditor who mayrun a check of what’s happening at your paint shop and whether the shop is in order.

Everything is taken care of by your prepainted steel supplier.

You get a product that’s pre-painted and you can just put it in your production line and start using it.

Besides saving money, time and hassle, using prepainted steel also helps save up factory floor space. You can use the additional space to increase your plant capacity or storage. Or you can simply build a small office on it and monitor and supervise plant operations right from the factory floor.

In addition, embracing prepainted steel helps eliminate bottlenecks created from cleaning, drying and storing products in-house.

The benefits of using prepainted steel and eliminating your in-house paint shop just goes on and on…

Do you use painted steel in your end products?

What type of painted steel do you use:prepainted or post painted?

Would you like to work with a reliable prepainted steel supplier?

Sinowell Metal is at your service!

We’re a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality prepainted galvanized steel coils. Our manufacturing facility is located in China; however, we work with businesses all across the world. Get in touch with us today to discuss your prepainted steel supply needs.

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