Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About PPG Steel

30 October 18

Today, prepainted galvanized (PPG) steel products are all around us; visually appealing, durable and environmental friendly.

A blue-colored steel roof

They are found in construction projects as cool metal roofing, corrugated wall sections, rain gutters, fencing and doors and shutters.

Multi-colored laundry machines

These products also prime our collection of home appliances including airconditioners, laundry machines, refrigeration units and electronic cooking equipment.

Cars, cabs and truck trailers stuck in a traffic jam

Their sight is quite common on roads too, where they box drivers and passengers inside colorful car bodies, truck trailers and cabs.

In short, this is a PPG steel world and we all live in it!

But what exactly is PPG steel? How is it produced? Why is it so popular? What are its properties?

What is prepainted galvanized steel?

Prepainted galvanized steel is the painted form of galvanized steel. It’s produced through the coil coating process where newly produced galvanized steel coils are uncoiled, cleaned, treated, baked, dried and then recoiled before finally assuming the finished painted form.

What are the advantages of prepainted galvanized steel?

Prepainted galvanized steel has many advantages to offer:

  • First and foremost, it offers superior corrosion protection compared to untreated galvanized steel
  • Secondly, it is beautiful and can be produced in different colors
  • Third, it is easy to maintain
  • Fourth, it offers deployment flexibility
  • Fifth, it is cheaper to producecompared to post-painted steel
  • Sixth, it is environmental friendly

And the list just goes on and on.

Can prepainted steel be formed?

Yes, in fact, it can be shaped and formed with a superior finish to post-painted steel. Isn’t that just awesome?

Mmm… What about joining prepainted steel?

Many people don’t know this, but you can join prepainted steel seamlessly without harming its beautiful surface and produce assemblies of your choice.

Weld it, glue it or simply join it with the help of fasteners, you can employ any joining strategy as per your convenience and preference.

Do you have any other questions that you would like to ask about prepainted galvanized steel?

Feel free to reach out; our PPG steel experts will be happy to serve you.

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