The Differences Between PE Paint and PVDF Paint for PPGI Coils

11 April 18

PPGI is pre-painted galvanized iron. It is also called pre-coated steel, pre-coated galvanized steel, and coil-coated steel. Galvanized iron is basically a layer of zinc on a steel sheet. Its job is to protect the steel when exposed to an environment that is corrosive in nature. PPGI is also used to describe a lot of steel coated products that are painted in advance. PE paint and PVDF paint are used for PPGI to help it safeguard their products.

The PE coating that is formed on the surface of the PPGI/PPGL is created by multiple baking. It helps safeguard these sheets as well as making them look good. This type of coating is a kind of anti-ultraviolet UV coating. The ultraviolet absorber may be put into two groups which are sub-gloss and high-gloss series. They are separated into these groups based on how glossy they are.

PE paint can also provide rich colors for PPGI/PPGL products that are coated product because it has a good gloss and it is very smooth and it has a great texture and it feels good on the hands when they touch it. Along with all of these great things, it can also make the sense of hierarchy more and of having three dimensions as well. Also, when items are exposed to the elements in the atmosphere, PE can protect from the elements of wind, rain, frost, snow, and being frozen. Temperature, freeze-thaw cycles, gases that are corrosive, and microbial effects are also some of the things that PE paint can safeguard items from.

PVDF is also known as a fluorocarbon resin paint. The chemical makeup of the fluoric acid base is bound by fluorine-carbon bonding. The chemical structure stability makes the PVDF coating physical properties different from the general coating. Along with it doing a great job of having mechanical properties of wear resistance, impact resistance, PVDF coating has a long anti-fading, anti-ultraviolet performance in harsh atmospheres. After the baking film is baked at a high temperature, the molecular structure of the coating has a strong amount of superior weather resistant property.

PVDF coating is typically used for painting the inside and outside of buildings of PPGI/PPGL. The great assortment of colors takes the drab out of these buildings and makes them formal, dignified, sturdy, stable, and good looking. PVDF paint can last on a surface for up to twenty years. Research institutes in the United States of America tested and compared the PVDF coating, super coating, and common coating by testing three samples in Florida. They were exposed to the hot sun and salty air over a twelve to twenty-year time span. The results of the test were that the stability and durability of PVDF paint are thirty percent more than super coating and eighty percent more than the common coating. PVDF paint guarantees that PPGI/PPGL coil can be used in many harsh environments.

PE and PVDF really do not have a lot of differences. They are both made to last and help PPGI/PPGL items withstand a lot of elements that they come into contact whether it be inside or outside.

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