Ral 9016 DX51D+Z/SGCC color coated PPGI steel coils

16 March 18

We are good supplying RAl 9016 DX51D+Z100/Z120/Z180 (SGCC) as galvanized base metal for colour coated PPGI steel coils from China. And the base metal of DX51D+Z/SGCC grade is as EN10346 standard, and the colour coating is as EN10169 standard. The PPGI coils thickness tolerance is (0.25&0.5mm)+-0.05mm; and this prepainted galvanized steel coils colour coatings we can (5-8 um primer)+(20-25um finish ) for quality and price cost competitive. And colour aberration CIElb is dE:1(max)/dL,da&db:(-1)-(+1)(max); Adhesion after bending (1/2T) is Adhesion after bending; Cross cutting dry film adhesion is 5B; Bending (1/2T) is no crack; salt spray test (96 h) is No blister,No rust,No delamination; No visual defect.


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