Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil

16 March 18

Sinowelll Metal–One of China Leading Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils manufacturer and supplier. The following is our introduction on PPGI Coils,

Manufacturers who use any type of sheet metal for fabricating into parts or products can realize impressive cost savings as well as a streamlined manufacturing process by using prepainted galvanized steel coil. Companies no longer have to paint or treat raw and unpainted metals arriving at their manufacturing plants, which added time and expense to their bottom line, in addition to creating an atmosphere that was harmful to the environment. Since its first introduction in the 1930s, the process for pretreating, coating and painting large coils of sheet metal has since exploded into an industry that produces and ships more than 800 million tons of prepainted galvanized steel coil to North American markets alone.


Prepainted galvanized steel coil has proven to be extremely versatile for the manufacturing industry. Any business involved in the production of such utilitarian products as metal roofing, wall panels, garage doors, beverage cans, automotive parts, home appliances, HVAC duct work and outer panels, food service equipment and office furniture, can join the numerous Fortune 500 businesses such as Trane, Steelcase, Whirlpool and Nordyne in switching to using pre-coated metals in their manufacturing process.


One of the biggest advantages of pre-painted galvanized steel coil is the impeccable quality of its coating, designed to produce uniform results. Manufacturers have their choice of metals, such as coils of cold-rolled steel, zinc-steel, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel, in addition to a variety of pretreated coatings, including vinyls, epoxies, fluorocarbons, dry lubricants, acrylics and plastisols. Coatings can be applied to both sides of the metal, resulting in a prefinished metal offering a high-quality finish and consistency in color, thickness, texture and performance.


Manufacturing customers who switch to prepainted galvanized steel coil love the environmental benefits that this choice offers their manufacturing plant. Not only does this superior product make the plant more environmentally friendly, it eliminates such imperfections as uneven applications and oil and dirt residue.


Using galvanized steel coil that has been prepainted for any manufacturing process ensures metal parts that have been uniformly treated with two coats of paint, ensuring a tight bonding that resists corrosion and enhances long-term durability. Research studies comparing raw metals that have been treated at the manufacturing plant compared to prepainted metal parts have proven that using prepainted metal coils not only ensure a superior, corrosion-resistant product, but also outperforms any metal product that was treated or painted at the plant.

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