Our PPGI/PPGL/Colour Coated/Prepainted Coils Standards

16 March 18

Sinowell Metal–One of China leading PPGI/PPGL/Colour Coated/Pre-painted Coils Manufacturer and Supplier. The following is our production standard:

Matt Wrinkled Coated Steel Coil​​

1. Standard: EN 10169-2
2. Steel grade: DX51D+Z(+/-5)/DX52D+Z
3. Zinc coated 60-100 г/м2
GI for painting only Zero spangle
4. Thickness, quantity of Zn and width of steel written in the invoices (orders), which is an integral part of the contract.
5. Thickness tolerance: +0/-0,03 мм (TCT)
6. Width tolerance: +5.00мм/-0.00 мм
7. Edge: slit edge
8. Inside diameter: 610 мм ± 10мм;
9. Telescopic: no more then 2 мм
10. Paint:
– top coated : Polyester/SMP/HDP/PVDF
– base: polyurethane coating
– back side: Epoksipoliester
– Paint coating thickness:
Top side (5мкм+17 мкм) ±2 мкм;
back side 7 мкм ± 2 мкм.
– Gloss 30-40%( with angle 60deg)
– Color difference: dE≤1.0 (for bright color)
De≤1.5 (for dark color)
– Adhesion: no more 0 according ESSA T7 according ISO 2409
11.Test for Т-bending: no more 1.5 Т (cracks are not acceptable) acc. EN 13523-7
If thickness 0.65 мм:Test for Т-bending: no more 2 Т (cracks are not acceptable)
12.Test hardness of the coating on pencil: hardness facial paint coating should be within F-H-2Н acc. EN 13523-4. For test should be used pencil ZHONG Hua 505.
13. Flashback Test: no less 9 J acc EN 13523-5
14. MEK test: for the cover at least 100 erasures
15. Tensile strength: 300MPa
16. Yield strength: no less 280MPa
17. All parameters will be tested by the Buyer, the manufacturer must provide all the technical capabilities for analysis and tests.
18. Coil weight: MAX 5.0 TONS GROSS
Loading according to the actual weight
19. Packing and marking:
Packing shall ensure complete safety of the goods and to protect it from damage during transportation.
Inside core – paper (not included in Net price).
Packing: Standard export packing plant, suitable for transportation by sea and rail with wooden pallets. Packing cost included in the price of goods.

Wrinkled surface color coated steel coil​​

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