Some Pointers for Welding Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Articles

09 July 18

Product designers and metal fabricators sometimes face situations where they are not able to hot-dip galvanize a complex steel structure as a whole. This can be due to size restraints or transportation issues. In such cases, the only option left for them is to hot-dip galvanize individual steel articles and then join them together.

Bolting is the preferred joining strategy when it comes to assembling galvanized steel articles. Where bolted connections are not possible, welding is the next best approach.

However, welding galvanized steel articles is not easy. The smallest of mistakes can ruin your entire investment. Not to mention, wrongly executed welding jobs can be dangerous due to the fumes creating during the process and/or due to unreliable joints.

If you are new to welding hot dip galvanized steel articles, we’ve got some pointers for you to make the process effective, easier and safer.

The Most Important Precaution…

When you’re welding galvanized steel articles, it’s crucial that you remove the zinc coating on either side of the weld so that excessive burns can be avoided. The extent of removal depends on how large is the area that needs welding.

If you don’t remove the zinc coating (and don’t remove it to a safe extent), the high temperature generated during welding will burn away the zinc coating on your steel article. This can leave your steel article exposed to the effects of weathering.

Another consequence of welding galvanized steel articles with the coating intact is the excessive release of zinc oxide fumes. These fumes can be detrimental to your health. Plus, they can also interfere with your visibility during the welding process, thereby affecting the weld-work quality.

Weld with a Weldable Primer

Weldable primer is a primer applied on weldable surfaces before a welding job. It ensures a strong joint between the welded surfaces, eliminates welding artifacts and reduces safety hazards.

It’s important that when welding hot dip galvanized articles, you weld with a weldable primer to make the job easier, safer and effective.

Retouching is Must!

Once you are done welding your galvanized steel articles, the welded and non-galvanized areas must be retouched. You don’t want water and air to infiltrate the exposed surfaces and cause corrosion.

There are many retouching solutions available in market, with zinc-rich paints being the most effective and user friendly.

Do you have any other questions about welding hot dip galvanized steel articles? Feel free to reach out; our galvanized steel experts will be happy to help you.

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