SINOWELL METAL–New Galvalume Steel Coils Production Lines with 400,000 Tons Outputs Annually

14 March 18

Our mill of new galvalume/Aluzinc Steel coils production lines with output 4000, 000 tons annually has well done this month.

The unit of production line adopts the America Iron & Steel Unite technology, the maximum process speed of 180m / min, import and export maximum operating speed of 240m / min, design capacity of 400,000 tons / year.

The unit entrance is equipped with double uncoiling and narrow lap welder. The process section is equipped with vertical annealing furnace, zinc pot, air knife, four-roller wet finishing machine, two-bend-one straightening stretch bending straightener, vertical passivation system and vertical fingerprint system, the exit section is equipped with electrostatic oiler, double coiler, the production process is a leading domestic level.

The unit can produce DX51D, DX52D, DX53D, DX54D, S350GD, S550GD and other brands of galvalume steel products. Product specifications: width of 800 ~ 1350mm × thickness of 0.25 ~ 2.0mm, type of 55% aluminum zinc silicon (GL), coating thickness up to 220g / ㎡. Product yield strength up to 650 MPa, tensile strength up to 750 MPa.

Galvalume/Aluzinc steel is resistant to atmospheric corrosion and moisture corrosive gas corrosion can be used for a variety of internal and external building materials. At the same time, the product has good bending formability, excellent unidirectional ductility and weldability, cold bending, stamping and welding into various shapes and parts, such as household appliances, oven, drying and cooler, tail pipe, muffler, heat shield and so on. Galvalume coating crystal spangle is small, strong adhesion to the paint, can be used as the ideal color coated steel substrate.

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