Sinowell Metal–China Galvanized Steel Coils Manufacturer and Supplier

16 March 18

Sinowell Metal is one of China leading galvanized steel coils manufacturer and distributor and stockiest. Our main grades are DX51D/DX52D/DX53D/DX54D/DX56D/DX57D galvanized steel coils|S220GD/S250GD/S280GD/S320GD/S350GD|HX180BD/HX220BD/HX260BD/HX300BD|SGC350-SGC570 grades.

We understand that you need your galvanized steel coils for a variety of different reasons, and our client base comes from a broad church. So, we have ensured our galvanized steel coils are available with a broad range of treatments.

These include Chromate treatment, Oiled or Resin treatments which prevent fingerprints, Passivation with or without oil, Cr Free Passivation with or without oil, and Cr Free anti-fingerprint. Again, contact us to discuss your direct needs, and we will offer our advice on the best solution for your application.

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