How To Buy and Import Steel From China?

14 March 18

As SINOWELL METAL CEO announced their continued support for their customers, he emphasized on the company’s commitment to continue making it easy to import steel from China for its customers.

China has an open market for high-quality steel that has left its competitors out of business, primarily because of their competitive prices, reliable suppliers, and the best quality steel. Businesses that need steel to manufacture new parts and vital components or carry out essential maintenance or repairs should feel free to venture our market.

Steel is the backbone of all major industries such as aviation, shipping, construction, and automotive industry. It is with that in mind that knowing what to look for when purchasing steel is truly important. Any drop in the quality of the steel will mean weakness in the final product’s structural integrity.

Ranked among the top manufacturers & suppliers in China, SINOWELL METAL understands the need for a clean steel trade, and are confident that will deliver the precise amount that you require in the appropriate capacity and at affordable rate. We ensure that the grade and length of the steel that you need is met, in order to meet your intended use. Besides, we will provide you with mill test reports to ascertain that your steel is of the highest quality and traceable to its place of origin.
Galvanized Sheets​​

How to Import Steel Straight From Sinowell Metal

Sinowell, just like any manufacturing process, knows that timely delivery of the raw material determines how much success and cost saving will be made. Late delivery of shipments means that workers will have to be laid off temporarily, as the factory wait for the shipment to be delivered. For a solution to that problem, we have assembled a logistics team that ensures once the customer has paid off their product and shipment fee, they can wait at their home depot, and their product will surely be delivered. We are dependable, reputable and you can thus trust us to deliver your goods on time to save your business from any form of delays.

After placing your order through our website, we ensure that you have what it take to import steel. For a start, Commercial import requires you to have a formal entry permit. In the US, for example, all steel mill importers are required to have a license issued by the Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis (SIMA). SIMA is an automated online Licensing System for users to register, apply for, and receive licenses to import steel. Besides collecting and publishing data on steel mill imports, it presents this information to stakeholders to help monitor steel import and licensing program.

Galvanized Coils​​

After receiving a license, you are required to look for a good shipping company. Fortunately, Sinowell Metal can ship your steel products right to your country. First, we will cut your steel mill into your preferred sizes and custom packaged per order. We thrive to meet your expectations in quality, accuracy and we package your order well enough to arrive undamaged. Right before shipping, we will send you updated steel prices, open details of our various products, and shipment photos to ensure that you see exactly what you are buying. Our steel mill products include Galvanized Steel, Galvalume Steel coils, Cold rolled sheet coils, PPGI Coils and more -browse through our Customer Orders Photos and get a Quick Quote for your Steel Sheet online.

Once you place your order, we will process and ship your goods within 1 – 3 business days. We understand however that there are times you may have emergencies and need your order immediately. In such cases, we have a mechanism to accommodate your request. Besides, our ships are insured which means your goods are covered while in transit. If any product does not reach you in the same peace that you ordered, you should contact us immediately for a refund.

Matt PPGI Coils​​

Whether you need steel in small quantity or for industrial use, SINOWELL Metal can deliver the precise amount that you require in the appropriate capacity and at affordable rates. To find out more about how Sinowell Metal can supply steel for your business, call us or visit our website today!

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