Hot Dip Galvalume Steel Application

16 March 18

Hot-dip galvalume steel has a series advantages that galvanized steel does not have and it is using more and more widely. It can be used where all galvanized steel using.

Hot Dip Galvalume Steel Coils​​

And most of the use of aluminum steel occasions, you can also use galvalume steel plate instead.

(1) Replace of galvanized steel for high corrosion resistance applications. Galvalume weather resistance and moisture atmosphere resistance is better than galvanized steel sheet. It can be used in the full range of building materials and various internal and external components.

(2) Was used to replace of galvanized sheet performance requirements for higher processing applications. It’s processability as galvanized sheet, having excellent bending property, excellent ductility and weldability. It can be cold-formed, stamped, and welded into parts of various shapes.

(3) Replace of the aluminum plate for high thermal oxidation resistance requirements applications. Galvalume steel sheet can use where galvanized can not be used but only use the aluminum plate under high-temperature environments, such as household appliances oven, drying, and cooling, automotive tailpipe, muffler, heat shield plate, etc.

(4) Replace of galvanized sheet and aluminum plate for color coated base metal. Galvalume’s coating has small crystal sponge, has more adhesion ability for paintings so it can be used as the base metal of PPGI coils.

(5) Lower cost than galvanized and aluminum plate. Galvalume not only saves a lot more expensive aluminum but also in comparison with galvanized, the same weight, the same thickness, width, length, the coil length is about 5% to expand, reduce production costs, higher prices, increase the economic efficiency of enterprises.

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