Colour Coated Steel Coils Supplying

16 March 18

Colour Coated Steel Coils, Prepaited Galvanized Steel Coils of PPGI supplying from China with most competitive price advantages and premium quality level.

Colour coated steel coils give you the option to use a product that’s both functional in many ways and good looking too. These rolled coils of galvanized sheet metal have been pre-painted in a range of colours so you can go beyond the plain chrome colour of a standard roll of sheet metal. Also called pre-painted galvanized steel coils or PPGI coils, these great value rolls of metal have an incredible number of applications. Galvanized steel has been coated with zinc, which protects bare steel from corrosion. Even where the metal isn’t covered in zinc, the zinc will still help to protect it because it will corrode before the steel does. You might wonder how steel coils, and especially coloured ones, can benefit your business, in particular.

Versatile Steel Coil Applications

One of the uses for colour coated steel coils that appeals to professionals in many industries is how versatile they are. These coils provide sheets of galvanized metal that can be used for a huge range of industries and applications. They are often employed in construction, agriculture, furniture making and home interiors, manufacturing equipment, and much more. The colour coated steel coils provided by Sinowell Metal have the added benefit of offering a range of aesthetic choices. So they work well for anything that is meant to be seen and not just hidden away in a factory or inside a piece of equipment.

Food-grade Steel

If you own a food production business, one of the top benefits of colour coated steel coils is that they can be supplied as food-grade and antibacterial. In any food production environment, it’s essential that the capacity for bacteria to grow is minimized as much as possible. While staff training can take care of part of the issue, careful control of the food preparation or manufacturing environment is important too. Food-grade materials like our colour coated steel coils play an important part in boosting hygiene. This is also good news for industries such as medicine, where bacteria levels need to be kept low.

Benefits of Colour Coated Steel Coils

You might wonder why you should invest in colour coated steel coils, instead of just ordinary sheet metal. The answer is that our colour coated steel coils look incredible, with high-quality finishes. If you want to create something that has more personality and aesthetics, instead of just being functional, adding some colour is the way to do it. Colours can also help with practical issues too. Colour-coding certain objects can help to improve health and safety and reduce mistakes.

Great Value

Saving money is important to any business owner, so they want to find great value products wherever they go. Colour coated steel coils from Sinowell Metal are excellent value, providing you with both a great price and a long life. The protected metal resists corrosion, so the product lasts longer and does its job.

Colour coated steel coils could benefit your business in a variety of ways. From offering practical solutions to brightening things up, they’re ideal for businesses in many industries.

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