Full Hard Galvalume Steel Sheet in Coil for Roofing

16 March 18

Sinowell Metal supplys this Full Hard Galvalume Steel Sheets in Coils which made by cold rolled steel with various strength and thickness and coated by aluminum, zinc, and silicon alloys to get excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion for Roofing materials.

This Full Hard Galvalume Steel Coils for Roofing is with yield strength as much as 550Mpa, surface hardness range from HV150 to 170. And its carbon content is less than 0.25%; manganese chemical content is less than 1.70%; phosphorus content is lower than 0.5%; sulfur content is less than 0.035%.

Our supply range for this full hard galvalume steel sheets in coils of thickness 0.13-1.0mm, width 750-1250mm, Coil ID 508/610mm, Coating layer AZ50-AZ150, Spange as small spangle, regular spangle, big spangle.

Welcome your nice inquiry us on this full hard galvalume steel coil for roofing.


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