ASTM A792 Grade 80 Hot Dipped Galvalume Steel Coils

16 March 18

ASTM A792 Grade 80 mentions the hot dipped galvalume coated structural steel with a regular spangle surface and min yield strengths of 550 MPa. Relevant standard is ASTM A 792M grade 80.

It could be ZINCALUME Steel ASTM A792 grade 80 AZ150 and AZ185. Or Hot Dipped Galvalume Steel Coils for ASTM A792 Grade 80.

It typical application are roll-formed decking, roofs, air-conditioning equipment, appliances, automotive under-body parts for high temperature applications, cladding, rainwater goods, architectural Panels.

Thickness Range (BMT, mm) Available Width (mm)

0.300-0.349 600-1250

0.350-0.379 600-1250

0.380-0.399 600-1250

0.400-0.600 600-1250

0.601-0.800 600-1250

0.801-0.950 600-1250

0.951-1.000 600-1250

Coating Mass: AZ150
Surface Condition: Regular Spangle
Surface Treatment: Passivated
Resin Coated: Yes
Oiling: Oiled/Not Oiled
Branding: Branded
Skin Passing: Not Skin Passed/Skin Passed

Mechanical Properties for Base Metal:
Yield Strength: 550Mpa
Tensile Strength: 570Mpa

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