CRC Price in China

16 March 18

CRC price in China for SPCC grade with size of 1.0mm*1000/1250mm*C, FOB $440 per tons on 19th, April, 2017. Payment term: 100% L/C at sight.

China CRC steel coils price really sharply down from FOB $600 in February, 2017. Due to close to Spring and Summer, China local govenment looses the poluttion controls and more mills start to heavily run their production lines and also the whole international market have weak demands and also China domestic housing market is becoming more weaker all these lead to the China crc steel coils price sharply down.

But we think China CRC price at this FOB $440 is close to the bottom and we think the very bottom point should be on FOB $400 per MT for CRC SPCC common grade.

Sinowell & Simco metal is the most leading position on China CRC supplying from China top mills like Tangshan, Baotou which we have annually sales contract for 50 000 tons with each of them to book their production line in advance to get the most competitive price for our clients.

Any CRC inquiry, please contact us at or that we will have instantly offers for you for your nice cost comparision and cost estimating.

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