Cold Rolled High Strength Steel Sheet: JIS G3135 SPFC340H & JFS JSC340H

16 March 18

China Sinowell Metal can supply the cold rolled & reduced high strength steel sheet for JIS G3135 SPFC340H which is equivalent of JFS JSC340H.

This cold rolled steel sheet is with 340MPA tensile strength featured with fine stamping formation and baked hardening. This grade of cold rolled steel can be used for light-weighted energy saving automobile parts such as outer panel or body construction which is strengthened after coating baked treatment.

This JIS G3135-2006, SPFC340 mechanical properties as as following,

Tensile Strength N/mm²: 340 Min
Proof Stress N/mm²: 175 Min
Elongation (%): Thickness (mm), 0.6≦t<1.0; 1.0≦t≦2.3
Test Piece: JIS No.5 Perpendicular to rolling direction
Bend Angle: 180°
Radius of Inside surface: Flat on itself.

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