Cold Rolled Coils Grades of SPCC, SPCCT, SPCD, SPCE, SPCF, SPCG

16 March 18

Cold Rolled Steel Sheets & Coils grade of SPCC is the Japanese steel grade, from JIS G3141. Standard name: common & general use of cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip. The same category in the standard grades is SPCD, SPCE, SPCF, SPCG.


S: Steel
S: Plate
C: Cold
C: Common
D: Draw
E: Elongation

Chemical Composition:

SPCC Grade: C≦0.15; Mn≦0.60; P≦0.100; S≦0.035

SPCCT Grade: C≦0.15; Mn≦0.60; P≦0.100; S≦0.035

SPCD Grade: : C≦0.10; Mn≦0.50; P≦0.040; S≦0.035

SPCE Grade: C≦0.08; Mn≦0.45; P≦0.030; S≦0.030

SPCF Grade: C≦0.06; Mn≦0.45; P≦0.030; S≦0.030

SPCG Grade: C≦0.02; Mn≦0.25; P≦0.020; S≦0.020


SPCC/SPCCT: Common & General Use; Characteristics: Suitable for bending processing and simple deep drawing processing, is the most demand varieties; Applications: Refrigerators, rails, switchboards, iron baskets and so on.

SPCD: Drawing & Stamping Use; Characteristics: Second only to SPCE, is the quality of the smaller deviation of the drawing steel plate; Applications: Automobile chassis, roof and so on.

SPCE/SPCF: Deep Drawing & Stamping Use; Characteristics: Grain is adjusted, deep drawing performance is excellent, after the stamping can get a beautiful surface. Applications: Car fender, rear side panels and so on.

SPCG: Extra-Deep Drawing & Stamping & Punching Use; Characteristics: Very low carbon cold rolled steel, excellent deep drawing processability. Applications: Car interior board, surface and so on.

Remarks: SPCCT is users specified the grade of SPCC which need to ensure that the tensile strength and extensibility of the species. SPCF, SPCG will need to ensure that there have non-aging (not due to the occurrence of tensile deformation of the property), after outside factory for 6 months – that is, SPCC, SPCD, SPCE if stored for a long time, will produce mechanical performance changes, especially to reduce the cold stamping performance, it should be used as soon as possible.

Cold Rolled Steel Coils & Sheets​​

SPCC series catalog need to make provision for hardness and surface in advance when ordering.


Heat Treatment Code HRBS HV10

Annealed A – –

Annealed + Finishing S – –

1/8 hard 8 50~71 95~130

1/4 hard 4 65~80 115~150

1/2 hard 2 74~89 135~185

Full hard 1 ≥85 ≥170


FB: higher finishing surface: Does not affect the formability and coating, plating adhesion defects, such as small bubbles, small scratches, small roll, slightly scratched and oxidized color allowed to exist.

FC: advanced surface finishing: The better side of the steel plate must be further limited to the defect, no obvious visible defects, the other side should meet the FB surface requirements.

FD: extra-advanced surface finishing: The better side of the steel plate must be further limited to the defects, that is, does not affect the appearance of paint or after plating quality, the other side should meet the FB surface requirements.

Surface structure:

Surface Structure Code Average roughness Ra / μm

Pitting surface D 0.6~1.9

Bright surface B ≤0.9

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