China Steel Price

16 March 18

China steel price by date of 23th, Jun, 2017 is as following,

Hot Rolled Medium Steel Plate, A36 Grade, 12mm*2000mm*6000mm FOB China $445 per MT

Hot Rolled Steel Coils, A1008 Grade, 5.5mm*1500mm*C FOB China $440 per MT

Cold Rolled Steel Coils, SPCC Grade, 1.0mm*1250mm*C FOB China $490 per MT

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coils, SGCC Grade, 0.3mm*1000mm*C FOB China $590 per MT

PPGI Steel Coils, CGCC Grade, 0.5mm*1000mm*C FOB China $712 per MT

Rebars, HRB 400 Grade, 20mm*12mm FOB China $475 per MT

China steel price keep some bit of increases this week as the domestic demand is still good for the real estate industry which get the strong push up on the construction steel’s price this year. And this give about $200 margins per MT for China steel mills on construction steel.

But due to China strong RMB currency Versus USD which is about 1USD=6.85 RMB, makes China’s cargo is weak advantage in price due to China RMB keep strong with USD dolloars but other curency versus USD dollars devalued a lot like India, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, and Russia, all these currency devalued more than 30%-50% versus USD dollar in these two years. But China RMB keep very stable versus USD dollar, this makes China steel export business is not good this year and faces more and more anti-dumplings on China steel, this makes China steel exports volume is some bit of 5% decrease versus last year.

China have two big bubble, one is China Real Estate, another one is China’s currency. All makes China steel price become upwards and downwards frequently this year. Very fluctuations and very unstable for China steel price this year.

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