China Steel Price of This Week for 15th, December, 2017

14 March 18

HRC: SS400, FOB China $584
Rebars: B500B, FOB China $563
CRC: SPCC, FOB China $615
HDG: SGCC, FOB China $677
Wire Rod: SAE 1008, FOB China $590
Steel Plate: SS400/A36, FOB China $574
H Beams: Q235, FOB China $607
Square Bars: Q235, FOB China $528

Note: Notes:HRC: gauge 3mm, width 1250-1500mm
rebar: 12-16mm, actual weight,normal tolerance;
CRC: gauge 1mm, width 1000-1250mm;
HDG: gauge 1mm, width 1000-1250mm,120g zinc, zero spangle;
Wire rod: 6.5mm;
Plate: gauge 14-20mm, width>2700mm;
H beam: 200*200, theoretical weight, normal tolerance;
Square bar: 150*150.

Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Due to the limited supply in winter, the export price of China’s hot rolled coil increased sharply this week with few transactions. Only a small amount for manufacturing thin-wall tube was exported to South Korea at $ 615 with FOB China $600 per MT. Due to higher profitability in China domestic market, some major mills did not have export resources this week, while other major mills exported more than $ 605 FOB while individual traders offered stocks at $ 580-585 FOB, much higher than those of overseas customers to bear the price range. Due to the weakness in the futures market, the weekly trade price dropped slightly, but the steel mills are still confident of the market future. However, there is still support for the market outlook.


Slowly follow-up in overseas markets, lack of motivation in China’s exports, individual domestic factory price soared $ 20-30 to $ 630-655 FOB real weight, part of the Hong Kong buyer’s intentions $ 560-570 CFR real weight, the gap between the difficult to clinch a deal; Russia Resources still traded at $ 565 CFR Hong Kong this week.

Cold Rolled Steel Coils

This week, the export price of cold-rolled steel in China climbed for the fifth week in a row. At present, there are fewer foreign trade resources and the steel mills are intending on the China domestic market. The mainstream steel mills in the northeast of China offer $ 615-620 FOB, while mills in other regions generally offer at $ 640 FOB and above, making the price unattractive. East China traders this week the transaction price $ 615-620 FOB, the Latin Americas market still has an inquiry and procurement.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

As the mainstream steel mills continue to raise prices, the export prices of hot dipped galvanized steel coils also rose for the fifth straight week this week. Currently Z120 zero spangle galvanized steel coil price is range of $ 680-690 FOB, and in the $ 675-680 FOB transactions have been to the Middle East and the Latin Americas. Towards the end of the year, only a small number of end customers are on-demand purchases.

Mild Steel Plates

Despite the futures market correction and down, the price of China’s medium steel plate continued to rise this week due to tight supply. This week, the A36 steel plate was exported to the Philippines at a base price of $ 556 FOB and the A572 steel plate was exported to the Middle East at $ 590 FOB. Another steel mill exports to Bangladesh and South America at a base price of $ 575-580 FOB. As the Chinese futures market callbacks in price and the holiday season affected the purchasing enthusiasm of export destination countries, the quotations of major steel mills decreased by $ 5 to $ 565-600 from a week earlier as a whole. These factors are expected to curb China’s export prices continue to rise.

H Beams

Due to tight supply, H-beam prices in China rose slightly this week, the mainstream steel price range of $ 600-630 FOB, up from last week. Due to limited production or overhaul, the majority of steel mills in Tangshan did not have export quotes. Due to the high domestic trade prices in China, steel mills export enthusiasm is not high in other regions, too. POSCO Vietnam this week, H-beam prices remain unchanged.

Wire Rods

Due to the good domestic sales in China, many exporters reluctantly sellers or delayed their offers at a reasonable price range of $ 610-625 FOB. Individual factories are bidding above $ 660. The lack of specifications is obviously in the Philippines market, some large specifications of wire can be traded at $ 600 CFR above.

Square Bars

China domestic billet prices and foreign is upside down for a long time, reference price $ 560 FOB unchanged. Some mills, especially East China, began to seek import billets. Iran billet $ 500-510 CFR East Port has been traded. In overseas markets, import prices in the Philippines have risen to around $ 520 CFR.

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