China Steel Price for This Week of 25th, January, 2018

14 March 18


Rebars B500B, FOB CHINA $535



Wire Rod SAE1008, FOB CHINA $559

Hot Rolled Plate A36, FOB CHINA $563

H Beams Q235, FOB CHINA $569

Square Bars Q235, FOB CHINA $519

ZAM coated Coils, FOB CHINA $565 for 100g

PPGI/PPGL Coils: Negotiation


Hot Rolled Steel Coils, Thickness of 3mm, Width of 1250-1500mm

Rebars, Thickness of 12-16mm, Actural weight

Cold Rolled Steel Coil, Thickness of 1mm, Width of 1000-1250mm

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil, Thickness of 1mm, Width of 1000-1250mm, Z120g, Zero Spangle

Wire Rod, 6.5mm

Mild Steel Plate, Thickness of 14-20mm, Width>2700mm

H Beams, 200mm*200mm, Theoritical

Square Bars, 150mm*150mm

Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Coated Steel Coils: 0.27-2.5mm, Coating of 100-450mm range avaible

PPGI/PPGL Coils: Prepainted Galvanized/Galvalume Steel Coils

Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Affected by the stronger price in the future market and the sharp increases in China RMB currency exchange rates versus USD dollars, the export prices of hot rolled coils increased slightly this week. Most steel mills the situation is better for orders at last week, this week the transaction has weakened. Steel mainstream offers at $ 575-585 FOB, up $ 5 from last week. At present, common carbon steel coils are still weak, the transaction price at $ 570-575 FOB China. Cold-rolled base is quoted at $ 590-600 CFR Vietnam, with transaction prices at $ 575-585 CFR. At present, the price in Vietnam market regains its advantage for China origin. India’s cold-rolled base stocks are quoted above $ 600 CFR Vietnam, and the price of customers’ intention is up $ 5 from the beginning of the week. China’s domestic trade prices and low inventories boosted the market mentality. Some steel mills have closed their doors on Thursday, and steel mills may again pull up export quotations next week.


This week the main factory price fell $ 5 to $ 535 FOB China theoretical calculations weight. Later in the last week, mill’s turnover was at or below $ 535 FOB China.

Cold Rolled Steel Coils

China cold-rolled steel coil export prices fell for the fourth consecutive week, mainly due to the fact that some mills to accept a substantial bargaining space in order to ensure pre-holiday orders. This week the mainstream steelmaker quoted at $ 615-620 FOB China, the market transaction range of $ 602-610 FOB China, buyers are mainly from Southeast Asia, Africa and South America and other markets.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

Overseas demand remained weak this week, but some Chinese mills increase their offers due to the China RMB currency appreciation. And the export prices were generally stable. Z120 zero spangle galvanized steel coil mainstream offers for $ 675-685 FOB China, and in the $670-6755 FOB have deals.

Mild Steel Plates

The price of Chinese mid plate rose this week due to the RMB increases impact and maintenance of several major steel mills. South American clients were active this week, with lots of deals at $ 560-570 FOB and Middle East customers with small purchases at $ 570 FOB China. Another trader orders the Philippines for $ 555-560. Mainstream offer at $ 565-570. At present, only two northern mills have a large amount of export resources available for sale from March to April. Due to reduced supply, increased winter storage and the China RMB currency stronger, steel mills generally are optimistic about the market outlook.

H Beams

China H-beam export prices fell for the sixth consecutive week, higher inventories of steel mills and the slowdown in domestic trade dragged down the price. North steel mills of China exported H-beams to Southeast Asia at $ 562 FOB China, while other mills traded South East Asia at $ 575 FOB China. This week the main export price range is still $ 560-590 FOB China. Traders said that despite the winter storage buying, but the high steel stocks, the market outlook may continue to decline. Taiwan offers at $ 660-670 FOB, Japan offers at $ 670-680 CFR South East Asia.

Wire Rods

This week, the price of wire rods soared. The price of the alloy factories was increased by $ 10 to $ 565-570 FOB China. The price of non-alloy products was up by $ 15-25 to $ 560-570 FOB China. The transaction was around $ 560-565 FOB China. Overseas buyers are cautious about China’s price increases, with small trades going to the Philippines at $ 555 FOB China.

Square Bars

Following closely the upturn in domestic trade, China’s export of steel products was up by $ 20-25 to $ 530-535FOB and there were only $ 520 FOB quoted for individual inventory resources. The rise in China domestic prices, coupled with the appreciation of the China RMB currency against the U.S. dollar, weakened the order-bound attitude of exporters this week. Customers in the Indonesian market are bidding at around $ 530 CFR and the market rumored last week that Indonesia had a $ 530 CFR deal.

PPGI/PPGL Steel Coils

Please make the GI Coils price as reference

Zam Steel Coil

Please take the GI Coils price as reference.

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