China Steel Export Price, 4th, December, 2017

14 March 18

HRC, SS400, FOB China $570 per MT
Rebars, B500B, FOB China $565 per MT
CRC, SPCC, FOB China $600 per MT
HDG, SGCC, FOB China $680 per MT
Wire Rod, SEA1008, FOB China $590 per MT
HR Plate, SS400, FOB China $555 per MT
H Beams, Q235, FOB China $590 per MT
Square Bars, Q235, FOB China $530 per MT


HRC: Gauge 3mm, width 1250-1500mm
Rebars: 12-16mm, actual weight, normal tolerance
CRC: Gauge 1mm, width 1000-1250mm
HDG: Gauge 1mm, width 1000-1250mm, Zinc 120g, zero spangle
Wire rod: 6.5mm
Plate: Gauge 14-20mm, width≧2700mm
H beam: 200*200, theoretical weight, normal tolerance
Square bar: 150*150mm

Hot Rolled Steel Coils

China domestic trade sentiment soar this week, prompting some mills continue to slightly increase foreign trade quotations to promote the overall volume of hot rolled coil prices increased significantly. Weekly SS400 coil mill offers $ 560-565 FOB, rising to $ 560-570 FOB in midweek. Some steel mills securitized to make offer. Turnover common in $ 557-560 FOB range, overseas buyers are not eager to follow up mostly keep to wait and see.


China this week the factory frequently raised export quotations, as of Thursday has reached $ 585-600 FOB real weight, the cumulative chain rose more than $ 50. The out-of-stock situation in the domestic market was widespread, pushing up domestic trade prices, so the factory focused more on domestic trade sales. According to market feedback in Hong Kong and other places, this week’s third-country resource offer is also very small, waiting to see China’s current round of price increases. India to Singapore market price $ 525- $ 530CFR theoretical calculation, went to Burma $ 550 CFR real weight.

Cold Rolled Steel Coils

Cold rolled coil prices rose slightly this week, the transaction improved. With the rise of domestic trade prices, domestic profits were much higher than those of exports. Most steel mills did not intend to sell their exports. Only a few mills offered open quotations at the level of $ 600-620FOB, with exports of $ 595-600FOB from Southeast Asia. Steelmakers currently have less bargaining room, but it is said that large steel mills can still pick up $ 590 FOB. China domestic Cold rolled trade stocks low, while demand is better, combined with the hot-rolled coil prices pull up, post-cold-rolled coil prices are expected to remain strong. At present, the price of cold rolled steel mills in Japan and South Korea is at the level of Singapore $ 660-700CFR, and the price in China is still competitive.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

Overseas customers have started to accept China’s price increases this week, hot dipped galvanized steel coils transactions are active, the price rises. Major steel mills close the deal, the two northern steel mills export offer this week rose $ 10-20. Currently, Z120 galvanized steel coils at $ 670-680 FOB level, the weekly increase of $ 10, closing price of $ 670-680 FOB, an increase of $ 5 from last week. Due to the active export transactions, domestic terminals and stockists may start hoarding stocks, steel mills in the short term may continue to raise export prices.

Wire Rods

This week, domestic prices soared. Some factories close deals, while other factories adjusted quotations several times in the week. Prices rose from $ 570-580 fob at the beginning of the week to $ 595-600 fob then, and some factories were shipped at $ 575 FOB with good sales; due to tight export resources, some overseas buyers follow up the purchase, the Philippines traded at $ 585 CFR.

Hot Rolled Steel Plates

This week, the hot rolled steel plates are hot for China domestic trade and the then rise in export prices weakened the willingness of overseas buyers to purchase. Traders are traded at $ 535 FOB and mills export base at $ 550 FOB. There are mills that export to Vietnam via traders at a price of $ 553-555 FOB. This week, steel prices were significantly higher, the mainstream range of $ 540-575, or $ 5-10. In contrast, the psychological price of overseas customers is still at the level of $ 530 before the price hike last week. Market participants generally believe that the market outlook plate price is expected to remain high, callback space is limited.

H Beams

Due to tight supply, the domestic steel prices in China rapidly rose this week, driving the export price to rise. This week the mainstream of foreign trade offers or intentions offer $ 580-600 FOB and above, higher than last week’s mainstream interval $ 585-590, but few deals.

Square Bars

China domestic steel is still rare offer, reference price $ 540-560FOB. Overseas resource providers followed China’s domestic rally to raise quotations, leading the mainstream import market transactions intention to rise. The Russian Reference Price is currently up around $ 15 from last week’s level of $ 500 CFR in the Philippines and $ 495 CFR for the Philippines.

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