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PPGI Steel Coil


Different types of steel coils have their importance and used largely for the manufacturing of various devices, machines, and tools. PPGI Steel Coils (also called prepainted galvanized steel coils or color coated steel coils and prepainted steel coils)have their importance and used largely in different industries. Now, you can get this advanced type of prepainted steel coil online by placing your order from anywhere in the world. And they are main pre-coated color onto galvanized steel coil which then called prepainted galvanized steel coil and simplified named as PPGI steel coil, and pre-coated color onto galvalume steel coil and then be simplified called as PPGL steel coil.


PPGI & PPGL Steel Supplying volume and Specification


Sinowell Metal–Colour Coated Steel Strips/Prepainted Galvanized coils department trades more than 100,000 Metric Tons annually for the overseas market. Main our Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils are from Baosteel, Anshan Steel, and also some of other private mills for the very common use Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils and prepainted galvalume steel coils products. Our PPGI Steel Coil, Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils/strip is 0.2mm-2.0mm thickness and 600mm-1350mm width and Inner Diameter of Steel Coil is I.D 508mm/610mm and all is RAL colors series.


PPPGI & PPGL Coil Structures


Our mill is using the Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils production line of Double-coating-double-baking lines which is designed by U.S WEAN UNITED. Base Metal: Cold-rolled, hot-dip zinc coated(with small skin pass spangle or not), hot-dip, alum-zn coated, electro-galvanized. Paint Type: Polyester(PE coated steel coils), Silicon Modified Polyester(SMP coated steel coils), High-Durable Polyester(HDP coated steel coils), and Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF Coated Steel Coils). And we also supply premium Anti-static PPGI coils, Energy Efficiency PPGI coils for wall panel, Textured and Wrinkled Surface Prepainted Steel Coils, Self-cleaning color coated steel coils, Surface Type: Different colors and printed patterns, Different colors and embossed patterns, different colors. Coating Surface Structure of Hot Dip Galvanized Substrate: Small Spangle and Zero Spangle. Pretreatment Types for Substrate Surface: Normal chemical pretreatment, Chrome free chemical pretreatment. Coating type: Top side two coats, bottom size one coat, Topside two coatings, bottom side two coatings, Topside two coatings, bottom side two coatings(Note: The thickness of bottom side coating is smaller than that of the product type 2/2).

Production Process


The process of Prepainted Steel Sheets: Uncoiling→Welding→Inlet Looper→Clearning→Chemical Treatment→Primary Coating→Baking of Primary Coating→Baking of Primary Coating → Cooling of Primary Coating → Finish Coating → Baking of Finish Coating → Cooling of Finish Coating → Outlet Looper → Checking → Stamping → Cutting → Coiling.

Application Series

Our PPGI coils application series are as following,

Refrigeration/Freezer PPGI and Prepainted Steel Coils

Washing Machine PPGI and Prepainted Steel Coils

Air Conditioner PPGI and Prepainted Steel Coils

Solar Heater PPGI and Coated Steel Coils

Roofing & Walling PPGI and Colour Coated Steel Coils
LED TV PPGI and Colour Prepainted Coils

Microwave Oven PPGI and Coated Steel Coils

DVD Player Set Top Box Coated PPGI and Precoated Coils

Furniture PPGI and Colour Coated Steel Coils

Container PPGI and Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils

Electrical Cabinets PPGI and Colour Coating Coils

Our PPGI Coils Food Grade and Antibacterial & Antimicrobial Supplying:

Our Premium PPGI Food Grade & Anti-Bacteria Supplying–We are here supplying Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils (PPGI)/Colour Coated Steel Strips for food grade and anti-bacterial & antimicrobial. And the Zinc Layer could be Z80, Z100, Z120, Z180, Z275. The coating could be top coat 20 microns, back coat 5 microns; Steel Specification G300 or equivalent is available; Also it could be with Vinyl protection to protect any scratch of the steel.

Our Matt Texture Wrinkled Coated Coil

We supply premium quality level of matt texture wrinkled coated coils

PPGI Filming Process

Type and Usage of Prepainted Steel Strip/Coil/Sheet

Type of Base Metal PPGI Steel Grade Grade of Base Metal Application
Hot-dip Zinc Coated TDC51D+Z TDC51D+Z Normal Use
TDC52D+Z TDC52D+Z For Drawing
TDC53D+Z TDC53D+Z For Deep Drawing
TS280GD+Z S280GD+Z Structure
TS350GD+Z S350GD+Z Structure
TS550GD+Z S550GD+Z High-Strength Structure
Hot-dip Alu-Zinc Alloy Coated TDC51D+AZ DC51D+AZ Normal Use
TDC52D+AZ DC52D+AZ For Drawing
TS250GD+AZ S250GD+AZ Structure
TS300GD+AZ S300GD+AZ Structure
TS350GD+AZ S350GD+AZ Structure
TS550GD+AZ S550GD+AZ High-Strength Structure
Electro-Galvanized TSECC SECC Normal Use
TSECD SECD For Drawing
TSECE SECE For Deep Drawing
TBLDE+Z BLDE+Z For Drawing
TBUSDE+Z BUSDE+Z For Deep Drawing

Performance of Coating Film of PPGI from Our Mills

Catagory Thickness(μm) Pencil Hardness 60° Specular Glossiness of Coating 180° Bend Impact(J) Salt Fog Resistant(h)
Low Moderate High Thickness≤0.75mm(thickness of steel materials for door and window≤0.80mm)
A Level B Level
PE ≥20 ≥F ﹤40 40-70 ﹥70 ≤5T ≤3T ≥9 ≥500
SMP ≥20 ≥F ﹤40 40-70 ﹥70 ≤5T ≤3T ≥9
HDP ≥20 ≥HB ﹤40 40-70 ﹣ ≤5T ≤2T ≥9 ≥1000
PVDF ≥20 ≥HB ﹤40 40-70 ﹣ ≤5T ≤2T ≥9 ≥1000

Notice: If the thickness﹥0.75(thickness of steel materials for door and window﹥0.80mm), the steel sheet or coil should be curved by 90°

Application of Prepainted Steel Sheet

Construction Outside workshop, agricultural warehouse, residential precasl unit, corrugated roof, wall, rainwater, drainage pipe, terrace, retailer booth, roller shuttler door
Inside door, doorcase, light steel roof structure, folding screen, ceiling, elevator, stairway, vent gutter
Electrical Applicance refrigerator, washer, switch, cabinet, instrument cabinet, air conditioning, micro-wave oven, bread maker
Furniture central heating slice, lampshade, chifforobe, desk, bed, locker, bookshelf
Transporation exterior decoration of auto and train, clapboard, container, isolation lairage, isolation board
Others Writing panel, garbage can, billboard, timekeeper, typewriter, instrument panel, weight sensor, photographic equipment

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