Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

Based in China, Sinowell Metal delivers more than 150,000 tons of hot dipped galvanized steel coils to the world marketplace annually. We design our products to conform to applicable standards and certifications to provide our global customers with high-quality hot dipped galvanized steel coils that can be used for a variety of applications. With their molten zinc coating, our galvanized steel coils feature corrosion-resistant surface that may be finished with paint or used in their natural state as they arrive.

Sinowell Metal: A Leading Producer of Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

As a respected supplier of steel rolls and coils, we ensurehigh standards of the final material. Galvanized steel is carbon steel that has been coated with protective zinc on each of its sides. Our hot dip process bathes the steel in a bath of molten zinc. This application of zinc via electrolytic disposition ensures that the zinc adheres soundly to our base metal. Industrial perfectionists looking to buy coil coated galvanized steels can find quality and multiplicity of use withSinowell hot-dipped galvanized steel coils.

Our hot dipped galvanized steel coils may be employed in multiple settings and by many types of industries, including the automotive, construction, and appliance manufacturing where rust-resistance is of utmost importance. Because non-corrosive hot dipped galvanized steel coils are less costly than stainless steel, many industries rely on their reliable use and more affordable cost. A tight zinc coating is among the most effective and economical methods for protecting bare steel from corrosion. Sinowell galvanized steel coils can be found in a multitude of products that range from washing machines, refrigerators, flashing, ductwork, car parts, drum containers, decking, HVAC systems, and much more. Our hot dipped galvanized steel products are used in applications designed for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Creating Galvanized Steel Coils

As a leading galvanized steel coil manufacturer, Sinowell Metal employs best industry practices in the creation of our products. Our loyal customers can rest assured that Sinowell Metal features exacting processes to produce our hot dipped galvanized steel coils. During the production process, our engineers place cold rolled steel coils through our uncoiler. The steel travels through an accumulator where it undergoes pretreatment.

During the pretreatment process, the steel is carefully leaned and its coating is converted. Afterward, the coils are quickly but thoroughly dried before they receive their priming coat. Our coils are hot dipped in molten zinc that is heated to approximately 460 degrees C. Next the zinc-layered coils are dried in a finishing oven before heading to a water quench process. Finally, they travel through our exit accumulator and then onward to a recoiler where they are produced into galvanized sheet metal rolls before being shipped to our customers around the world.

Specialized Galvanized Steel Products

Sinowell Metal produces hot dipped galvanized steel coil in a wide range of sizes. Specific size ranges are associated with product applications. We can produce thickness to meet our customers’ needs between 0.24 mm to 3.00 mm and a width from 750 mm to 2030 mm. These ranges provide customers with use options for all known applications of galvanized steel coils.

In addition, Sinowell Metal can apply zinc coating in single or double layers. A single zinc coating will range in size between 30-450g/m2. A double coating ranges from 60-900g/m2. Sinowell Metal customers also have finish options available to select. We feature a range of finish options and styles that include:

Regular Spangle
Zero Spangle
Minimized Spangle
Extra Smooth

We invite our worldwide customers to contact us so we can help them select the best hot dipped galvanized steel coils to suit their needs.

Specialty and Custom Treatments

Sinowell Metal knows that there are seldom one-size-fits-all products to meet the varied needs of our clientele. For this reason, we’ve diversified our offerings to feature exactly what our customers want from a leading galvanized steel coil manufacturer. In addition to our regular size, type and style ranges, we offer specialized treatments to suit a broad application range. Included in these treatments are chromate treatment, resin /oiled treatments, passivation with or without the addition of oil, and cr-free anti-fingerprint finish. Our engineers work with industries all over the world and have the expertise to help your business select the best galvanized steel solutions for your company’s applications. And galvanized steel coils are the base metal to produce PPGI Steel Coils.

What Are the Benefits of Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils?

As mentioned, galvanized steel coils are a cost-effective solution for many industrial applications, but cost is only one of many benefits. Sinowell Metal produces hot dipped galvanized steel coils that are:

  • Durability. Hot dipped galvanized steel products enjoy a long life expectancy. It’s not uncommon for products to last more than fifty years in some applications. Even with exposure to weather or other environmental conditions, hot dip galvanized steel coils are designed with longevity in mind. Their corrosion-resistant properties enable them to function optimally for decades.
  • Strength. When it comes to toughness, hot dipped galvanized steel metal coils are dependably strong. The metallurgical relationship between zinc and steel makes for outstanding strength as well as durability.
  • Practical. Sinowell Metal galvanized steel products will arrive ready for use, making them an incredibly practical solution for today’s industries. Our products will arrive requiring no additional treatments or testing. You can introduce our galvanized steel right to your line.
  • Reliable. Since Sinowell Metal produces hot dipped galvanized steel coils to meet the most stringent ASTM standards and other applicable certifications, our customers can rely on their performance. Sinowell Metal has built its reputation on its professionalism and high-quality production; we stand behind our reliable galvanized steel products.

Product Compliance and Standards

Sinowell Metal adheres to strict quality standards to produce our hot dipped galvanized steel coils. We guarantee our products meet stated criteria and grades that include primary standards such as:

Classification of Quality

Sinowell Metal offers cold rolled steel coils in the following:
For Forming Fabrication

This is the American standard for cold rolled materials.

JIS G 3302
This is the Japanese material standard associated with hot dipped galvanized steel coils.

Sinowell Metal produces hot dipped galvanized steel coils in the following grades:

DX51D+Z (St01Z, St02Z)
DX52D+Z (St03Z), DX53D+Z (St04Z, St05Z), DX54D, DX56D, DX57D
S220GD+Z (StE220Z), S250GD+Z (StE250Z), S280GD+Z (StE280), S320GD, S350GD
SS33(SS230), SS37(SS255), SS40(SS275)
SGC340, SGC400
S320GD+Z (StE320Z), S350GD+Z (StE350Z), S350GD+Z, S390GD+Z, S450GD+Z
SS50(SS340), SS55(SS380), SS80(SS550)
SGC440, SGC490

Sinowell Metal Galvanized Sheet Metal Rolls

In addition to our hot dipped galvanized steel coils, Sinowell Metal produces galvanized sheet metal rolls that are used in multiple industrial applications like the automotive and construction sectors. With its anti-corrosion properties, galvanized sheet metal can stand up to inclement weather and provide customers with outstanding durability and functionality without increasing costs. With their tough exterior coating, our galvanized sheet metal rolls deliver the reliability that our customers need. As with all of our metal products, we ensure that our galvanized sheet metal rolls are produced to meet the strictest industry standards.

Committed to Outstanding Manufacturing Processes

Sinowell Metal enjoys a worldwide reputation for product excellence. As a leading producer of quality galvanized steel coils in China, we have paved our own road to expand our business to the global marketplace. We export to nations and multi-type industries throughout the world. Our customers depend on our products to meet their stringent specifications and perform with durability and reliability every single time. Sinowell Metal stands behind our products with strong performance guarantees. We sell to the worldwide marketplace through primary agent sales agreements and exclusive sales. Because we produce a huge volume of galvanized steel coils annually, we are able to offer some of the most value-driven prices on the market today. Not only are our hot dipped galvanized steel coils among the most affordable products on the market today; they’re also stamped with the Sinowell Metal guarantee for product excellence.

Sinowell Metal boasts an innovative manufacturing center that employs state-of-the-art machinery needed to produce our top-of-the-line hot dipped galvanized steel coils. We continually invest in our facility to ensure that we meet the industry’s recommendations for best manufacturing practices. It’s important for us to maintain our leadership role in the production of galvanized steel coils. Our process are transparent, and we invite our customers to learn all about the creation of our galvanized steel products so they can trust our workmanship and product excellence.

In addition, Sinowell Metal works to bring down prices for our customers by delivering products right from our warehouse to theirs. We’ve streamlined the delivery process to enhance efficiency and cut down on overhead charges that bog down other manufacturers. We also strive to reduce any market risks for our clients through our expertise and knowledge of the marketplace. We want our customers to be satisfied with our galvanized steel products as well as our customer care. We value long-term relationships with our worldwide customers, and we always strive to not simply meet, but exceed their expectations when it comes to world-class customer service.

How to Order Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

If you are in the market for galvanized steel coils, be sure to contact Sinowell Metal. We can take your order via the phone or help you select the products best suited for your applications. We feature a large operation, so we are able to produce coil upon receipt of payment. Our goal is to deliver our high-quality products on time so that our customers can make efficient use of them for their own manufacturing applications. We encourage customers with questions or concerns to contact us at their convenience.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil/Strip

Catagory Grades Grade Reference Standard Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Scope of Application Applicable Industrials
General Hot-Dip Galvanizing Steel Strip DX51D+Z (St01Z, St02Z) EN 10326 Q/ASB 385 0.25-3.0 750-2030 General Use Building, home applicance, etc.
SGCC JIS G3302 Q/ASB 387
Drawing Hot-Dip Galvanizing Steel Strip DX52D+Z (St03Z), DX53D+Z (St04Z, St05Z) EN 10327 Q/ASB 385 0.25-3.0 750-2030 Drawing, Deep Drawing Building, home applicance, etc.
Structure Hot-Dip Galvanizing Steel Strip S220GD+Z (StE220Z), S250GD+Z (StE250Z), S280GD+Z (StE280) EN 10326 Q/ASB 385 0.25-3.0 750-2030 Structure Building, home applicance, etc.
SS33(SS230), SS37(SS255), SS40(SS275) ASTM A653/A653M Q/ASB 10
SGC340, SGC400 JIS G3302 Q/ASB 387
High Strength Hot-Dip Galvanizing Steel Strip S320GD+Z (StE320Z), S350GD+Z (StE350Z), S350GD+Z, S390GD+Z, S450GD+Z EN 10326 Q/ASB 385 0.7-3.0 750-2030 High Strength Structure Building, home appliance, etc.
SS50(SS340), SS55(SS380), SS80(SS550) ASTM A653/A653M Q/ASB 10
SGC440, SGC490 JIS G3302 Q/ASB 387

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