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Cold Rolled Steel Coil

When it comes to cold rolled steel coils and sheets, Sinowell Metal offers the widest selection of cold rolled steel sheets in coils grades in the business with the deepest inventory , so that you can rest assured that you get the product you need when you need it. Sinowell Metal is at the vanguard of the cold rolled steel coils & sheets revolution. We use only the highest quality materials and put them through the most thorough and precise treatment regime on the market today. Known for durability, toughness, and malleability, our cold rolled steel coils and sheets are second to none.

We perform strict and rigorous quality testing on all of our coils to ensure that our metal meets the demands of heavy industry. Our mills are outfitted with the most advanced metalworking technology in the business, including rolling lines like SIEMAGE, CMI, and TMEIC. Because we sell over 100,000 metric tons of cold rolled steel coils each year, we’re able to keep costs competitive, often negotiating prices that are 15 to 20% lower than our closest competitor.

We provide efficient order management, navigating each and every step of the logistics process so that our customers don’t have to. We monitor the rolling process until it’s time for packaging, then we orchestrate warehousing, port-loading, and shipment so that your products arrive safely and swiftly, wherever and whenever you need them. We ship to clients all over the world and serve small businesses, corporations, and institutions across a wide variety of fields and industries.

Sinowell Metal puts out a product that you can depend on, available at a fraction of the cost. Cold rolled steel coils are the primary base metal for galvanized steel coils and galvalume steel coils, so our product is an ideal starting point no matter what your business needs may be. Contact us to place an order, to make an inquiry, or to receive a quote.

Our experience in the field means that we approach each project with the same dedication and determination, and the three-step process our cold rolled steel sheet in coils are treated with (as detailed below) makes sure that each and every one of our steel coils is durable and dependable for the long haul.

What is Cold Rolling?

Cold rolling is the process whereby steel is treated below its recrystallization temperature which is versus to hot rolled steel to produce uniform, flat steel coils. Not only does this compress the thickness of the material, but it also boosts tolerance, improves tensile strength, and smooths surface finishing by hardening the inner strains of the metal. The cold rolling process results in an estimated 20% improvement in overall steel strength, so it’s easy to see why cold rolling is coming into higher and higher demand among industry professionals, engineering firms, and product designers.

Our cold rolled steel coils undergo a thorough picking process on a continuous picking line that removes any and all mill scale from the steel. This produces a clean surface prior to cold rolling so that the end result is a strong and durable material with a high-quality surface.

Today, cold rolled steel is used in products that span the whole of human industry, from metal desks and filing cabinets to motorcycle exhaust pipes, from fan blades and frying pans to computer cabinets and components. No matter what line of business your company specializes in, it is likely that you use cold rolled steel. Sinowell Metal offers the highest quality cold rolled steel coils at the most competitive prices. The professionals at Sinowell Metal have the experience and the expertise necessary to custom design cold rolled steel coils to accommodate your needs.


After the cold rolling process has been completed, we use annealing to make our steel coils extra workable. Annealing involves heating the metal above its recrystallization temperature and then cooling it back down again. This resettles the microstructure of the steel, improves the mechanical properties of the metal, and relieves the internal stresses that build up during cold rolling. The annealing process means that our steel coils are especially customizable and can be easily worked to meet the specifications of the project at hand. This is only the second stage of our three-step process: now that the metal has been made more elastic, we need to toughen it back up again.


Once the metal has been annealed, we put it through a multi-stage tempering process that uses light pressure to flatten the steel so that our premium surface finish can be applied. This ensures that the metal not only looks good, but avoids the stretcher strains that tend to occur during forming and deep drawing.

Our tempering process uses precise instrumentation and detailed supervision to achieve just the right elemental balance in each and every steel product we make. We subject all of our products to the same process and the same meticulous quality inspection each time, every time. The end result is a steel coil that you can depend on, one that is strong, malleable, and resistant to wear and tear.

Classification of Quality

Sinowell Metal offers cold rolled steel coils in the following:
For Forming Fabrication

Commercial Quality (CQ):
JFS A2001 JSC270C
AST A1008 CS Type A, B, C.
EN 10130 DC01
Typical Applications: Furniture Refrigerator Case, Piping, Steel Drum, Tool Box, Computer Case, Cabinet Lock, Electronic Parts, Wheel Rim & Cap, etc.

Drawing Quality (DQ)
JFS A2001 JSC270D
EN 10130 DC03
Typical Applications: Motor Housing Fender, Classis, Lamp Shell, Door, Inner and outer for automobile, Roaster Oven, etc.

Deep Drawing Quality (DDQ)
JFS A2001 JSC270E
EN 10130 DC04
Typical Applications: Fuel Tank, Oil Can, Fender, Bumper, Trunk Lid Inner, Door Inner for Automobile, Front Lamp Set, Lighting Fixture, etc.

Extra Deep Drawing Quality(EDDQ)
JFS A2001 JSC270F
EN 10130 DC05
Typical Applications: Oil Can, Fuel Tank for Automobile, Lid inner & Door inner for Automobile, etc.

For Structural Use
Structural Quality(SS)
ASTM A1008 SS grade xx
Typical Applications: Frame, Automobile Body, Roofing Deck, etc.

High Strength Sheet with Improved Formability for Automobile Quality
EN 10268 HCXXX
CSC CF370R/390R/440R
Typical Applications: Fender Bumper, Luggage Carrier, Automobile Frame, Bonnet, and Trunk, etc.

For Hardware, Tool Use​
Special Steel Strip
JIS G3311
SAE J404
Typical Use: Chain Plate, Hand Tool, Saw Plate, Golf Club.

High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLAS Type)

High Strength Low Alloy Steel with Improved Formability (HSLAS-F Type)

Structural Steel (SS Type)


Sinowell Metal produces cold rolled steel coils in the following measurements and dimensions:​
Thickness: 0.18mm-3.5mm
Width: 600mm/1000mm/1250mm/1500mm/1900mm
Coil ID: 508mm/610mm

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Products

Sinowell Metal offers the following cold rolled steel coil products, variations, and derivations:

Cold Rolling Carbon Structure Steel Coil, Cold Rolled Harden Coil, Cold Rolled Drawing Steel Coil, Cold Rolled High-Quality Carbon Structure Steel Strip, Cold Rolled Strength Low Alloy Steel Coil, Cold Rolling Dual Phase Steel Coil, Cold Rolling Phosphorous Added and Bake-Hardening Strength Steel Strip, Cold Rolling TRIP Steel Strip, Cold Rolling Corrosion-Proof Structure Steel Strip, Cold Rolling Enamelling Sheet Steel Coil, Cold Rolling Home Appliance Steel Coil, Cold Rolling Copper Steel Coil, Cold Rolling Lux-Cored Wire Steel Coil, Cold Rolling Electrical Harden Steel Strip, Cold Rolling Coating and Galvanizing Base Plate Coil, Cold Rolling BH Steel Strip, Cold Rolling Steel Strip for Colour Coated Steel, Cold Rolling Steel Strip for Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel.

  • Mild steels
  • Structural steels
  • Phosphorus-alloyed steels
  • Micro-alloyed steels
  • Bake-hardening steels
  • High-strength IF Steels
  • Dual-phase steels
  • Complex-phase steels
  • TRIP steels
Cold Rolled Steel Strip and Coil Products Catalogue
Category Grades Industrial Standard Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Scope of Application
Cold Rolling Harden Steel Coil 0.18-2.0 800-1260
Cold Rolling Carbon Structure Steel Coil Q195, Q215, Q235 GB/T 11253 0.25-3.0 600-950 Structure
St37-2G, St44-3G, St52-3G DIN1623 0.25-3.0
Cold Rolled High Quality Carbon Structure Steel Strip 10-50, 08, 08AL GB/T 13237 0.4-3.0 850-1500 Structure
Cold Rolling Drawing Steel Strip CQ SPCC JIS G3141 0.25-3.0 600-1950 General use
DC01, ST12 EN 10130
DQ SPCD JIS G3141 Drawing
DC03, St13 EN 10130
DDQ SPCE, SPCF JIS G3141 Deep Drawing
DC04, St14 EN 10130
WDDQ SPCG JIS G3141 Extra Deep Drawing
DC05, St15 EN 10130
SEDDQ DC06, St16, St17 EN 10130 Ultra Deep Drawing
Cold Rolled Strength Low Alloy Steel Coil H240A, HC260LA, H280A, HC300LA, H320A, HC340LA, HC380LA, HC420LA, HC460LA, H345 EN 10130 0.65-2.0 600-1530 Strucure Use
Cold Rolling Phosphorous Added and Bake-Hardening Strength Steel Strip 140BH, 180BH, 180BH1, 180BH2, 220BH, 260BH, 300BH, 170P1, 210P1, 250P1, 180P2, 220P2, 260P2 GB/T 20564.1 GB/T 20564.3 0.25-3.0 600-1950 Common Use, Structure, Drawing, Deep Drawing
Cold Rolling Dual Phase Steel Coil CR260/450DP, CR300/500DP, CR340590DP, CR420/780P, CR550/980DP GB 20564.2 0.70-2.0 800-1530 Strucure Use
Cold Rolling TRIP Steel Strip CR380/590TRIP, CR420/780TRIP/TRIP800 Q/ASB 425 0.70-2.0 800-1530 strucure Use
Cold Rolling Corrosion-Proof Structure Steel Strip 05CuPCrNi, 09CuPCrNi 1.0-3.0 850-1500 strucure Use
Cold Rolling Home Applicance Steel Coil JD1, JD2, JD3 Q/ASB 421 0.25-3.0 600-1950 Structure, Puchning
Cold Rolling Enamelling Sheet Steel Coil ATC1, ATC4(TC2) Q/ASB 424 0.25-3.0 600-1950 Structure, drawing, deep drawing
Cold Rolling Cooper Steel Coil ZT1, ZT2, ZT3, ZT4 ATQ 305 0.25-3.0 600-1950 Structure, Drawing
Cold Rolling Lux-Cored Wire Steel Coil AYH1, AYH2, AYH3, AYH4, AYH5 ATQ 308 0.30-2.0 850-1700 Lux-cored wire
Cold Rolling Coating and Galvanizing Base Plate Coil TD1, TD2, TD3 ATQ 304 0.30-2.0 850-1700 Galvanizing, Coating
Cold Rolling Electrical Harden Steel Strip TGW600-1, TGW800A-1, TGW800B-1, TGW800C-1, TGW800D-1, TGW1000A-1, TGW1000B-1, TGW1000D-1, TGW1300A-1, TGW1300B-1 JT010-2013 0.40-0.8 1000-1500 Electrical Steel Use
Cold Rolling BH Steel Strip HC140B1, HC180B1, HC180B2, HC180B-HC300B Q/HG 032 0.30-2.5 900-2080
Cold Rolling Steel Strip for Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel DC51D+Z, DC52D+Z, CSA, CSB, FSA, FSB, SS230, SS275, SS340, S220GD+Z-SS550GD+Z, C350, C450 GB/T2518-2008, EN10346-2009, JIS G3302-1996, ASTM A653, 2013JX(60) 0.35-2.0 1000-1524
Cold Rolling Steel Strip for Colour Coated Steel TDC51D+(A)Z, TDC52D+(A)Z, TS220GD+(A)Z-TS350GD+(A)Z GB/T12754-2006, EN10169 0.35-1.2 1000-1250

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